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One-Piece Compass Swimming Pool

Mr and Mrs Smith required a retreat from their busy lives. Their dream pool is a contemporary design, functioning as a safe but fun pool for their children to enjoy, but also as a unique romantic getaway in a stunning location overlooking over the Bristol Channel.

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The finished result is a unique and memorable swimming pool, set in a beautiful garden with its own bespoke designed summerhouse next to the pool. XL Pools received the Gold Award in the category for Non-Traditional Swimming Pools in the SPATA 2014 UK Pool and Spa Awards.

XL Pools recommended their flagship Compass Pool model as ideal for meeting the needs of Mr and Mrs Smith. The Compass XL Trainer 110 is a one-piece ceramic pool measuring 11×4 metres. The impressive entry enhances the shape of the pool, which is perfectly suitable for swimming and water games. The classical design of the Trainer pool creates harmony in any garden. This particular example is in the ‘Nova Pearl’ colour – light beige, inset with silver and gold glitter flecks. In sunlight, this produces a fantastic shimmering effect through the pool water.

The pool itself has a deep end of 1.8 metres, and shallow end of 1.1 metres, which includes integrated Roma style steps to both the left and right. The steps, pool edge and pool floor all have a non-slip finish to prevent accidents. Along with this, the perimeter grip rail sits just below the surface to provide support for children and a little help for adults when leaving the pool at any point. The Compass Pool uses cutting edge technologies; Carbon fibre is strategically infused within the shell of the pool to structurally reinforce the most stressed areas. This gives a 20% increase in stiffness and greater pool stability. The pool structure is elastic enough to adjust to a moderate unevenness of the ground and allows for installation on a slope or difficult terrain.

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The customers chose dark granite coping stones and paving, the colour of which further accentuates the fantastic sparkling appearance of the pool itself. Optional extras include a powerful counter current swim jet, which provides a strong stream of water to swim against to improve fitness and to be able to swim for longer without turning. The pool cover is an electric slatted safety cover which is solid enough to walk on, and which doubles as a solar cover, generating its own heat from sunlight and thus lowering running costs for heating the pool water. The pool lighting can be controlled remotely, along with the other electrics of the pool.

The customers also selected the impressive Compass Vantage System, number one in the world amongst cleaning and filtration systems. The Vantage System essential works by transforming the Compass Pool into a self-cleaning pool. Pods in the floor of the pool carry any debris to the deep end where it’s sucked up and removed from the pool. The system is almost invisible, so doesn’t disturb the visual effect of the pool, which dramatically decreasing the amount of manual cleaning necessary. The pool features a low chlorine sanitation system, aided by a good quality UV and ozone filtration system, which reduces the amount of chlorine required.

Perhaps the most striking and dramatic feature of the Smith family’s pool is the unique stainless steel cobra water feature. This emits a beautiful curtain of water. From its location overlooking the Bristol Channel, the pool has the appearance of an infinity pool, and provides a magnificent view for swimmers.

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Although the idyllic location is one of the most memorable and stunning features of this pool, it actually made it one of the more difficult installation projects that the company has worked on. The Smiths’ property, in Clevedon, Bristol, is set in an area of outstanding natural beauty, which meant that local planning permission was required for the pool, something that the majority of homeowners don’t have to consider. In positioning the pool shell, some 300 tonnes of earth had to be dug from the side of the hill and removed, one load at a time, to the bottom. Once this was complete, a 140 tonne crane with a 65 metre reach was required to hoist the pool into place. Despite the complex procedure, after the excavation had been carried out, the pool itself was installed by XL Pools within approximately 10 days.

Anthony Exell of XL Pools says;

“As a company we are particularly proud of this pool because we exceeded the customers’ expectations in the job execution and the quality of the product. We overcame problems in installing a pool 60 metres up a cliff to product a remarkable result in a sublime location”.


Key Pool Features

• Stainless Steel Cobra Water Feature
• Vantage Self Cleaning System
• Powerful Counter Swim Jet
• Solar Slatted Electric Cover
• Remote Control Electrics
• LED Lighting
• Low Chlorine Sanitation System

Project Location

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