Case Study – Mrs Hassanally

Award Winning Pool

XL-5Our client had a very specific wish list in mind when she approached us about her swimming pool. She required a pool of consistent depth, which was both large enough to play water polo with her family and long enough for serious swimming training.

The pool we installed has a swimming space of 12.5m, exactly quarter Olympic length so the client can easily calculate her distance for training. We included easy access steps, a solar slatted safety cover, an insulated shell, an economical air source heat pump powered by solar panels and a telescopic enclosure. The pool can be enclosed or fully open within a matter of minutes and can remain in use all year round.

The pool was transported on a huge low loading lorry. Due to its size, the pool required a police escort at both front and rear during transit from the docks. On the final approach to the customer property and the pool site we had to cut back branches and even cut a notch in a large bow in order to manoeuvre the lorry into position. The pool shell required a 20 ton excavator to lift it off the lorry due to its weight. The XXL 133 from Compass is the first of its kind into the UK, and remains the biggest one piece ceramic pool available.

This pool is the largest ceramic one-piece pool of its kind, and XL Pools were the first company to bring it to the UK. The design and features of the pool has it all – it is economical and adaptable, and the fully retractable telescopic pool enclosure enables the client to swim in comfort all year round. The seamless self-cleaning pool is perfect for a busy family who want to enjoy the space for sport and family time as well as swimming training for fitness.

Kielen Park 01This really is my dream pool come true! I provided quite a tough specification but XL Pools have achieved all of that and more! I like to swim frequently, and to be able to do so all year round in the comfort of my own home pool is a real luxury. I was thrilled to be able to spend time with my family in the pool over the Christmas holiday – something that wouldn’t have been possible without my amazing pool enclosure. Thank you so much for my stunning swimming pool!”.

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