Case Study – Pluckley Project

Award Winning Pool

XL-1This pool is used as our personal home swimming pool, as well as being a show pool to demonstrate and promote to potential customers.

We chose a Compass XL Trainer 72 one piece ceramic pool with swim jet, colour-change led lights, solar slatted cover system, deck jet feature on remote control and an air source heat pump. We wanted to create an affordable and achievable pool, yet still demonstrate to our clients the very highest quality and most contemporary design features possible.

This is a small pool, but very well positioned within the garden. It incorporates a swim jet, impressive adjustable mood lighting, decorative water feature jets from the coping stones, operated by remote control, and a solar slatted cover system. The pool also features the new Beachline, a black granite bench just under the water level, which houses the solar cover.

Our intention was the showcase the very finest and most contemporary options in pool technology, and we believe this pool fits the bill perfectly!



photo 1This is absolutely the best pool that money can buy. As an expert in swimming pool design, construction and installation I chose this pool with absolute confidence in its quality. We are all delighted with the results, the pool is stunning and perfect to show off to our family, friends and clients. We couldn’t be happier with it.”

Project Location

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