How Much Does It Cost To Build An Outdoor Swimming Pool?

If you’re thinking of having an outdoor pool installed in your garden, you’ll obviously need to have an idea of what you should expect to pay. The cost depends on the size and type of the pool you choose, along with extras like pool surrounds, pump and filtration systems, covers and ongoing maintenance and heating.

Having a swimming pool used to be seen as something only the very well-off could afford, but with the technology of modern pools it’s becoming more and more achievable for families. Whether you’re looking for a covered, heated pool to use all year round for fitness and training, or simply want to relax and have fun in the water during the summer months, an outdoor pool is no longer something reserved for lottery winners. Granted, you will need to have the space available to locate the pool in the first place, but if you have a large enough area, you could have a good-sized outdoor swimming pool built and installed for as little as £50,000.

If you’re interested in keeping your outlay to a minimum, one of the most cost-effective options for outdoor swimming pools is a one piece fibreglass shell which can simply be submerged in a hole in the ground. They provide a simple installation process with an almost-instant transformation of your garden! You can often purchase a one piece kit for your outdoor pool which comes complete with the pool pump, filter, lighting and pipe fittings. Another choice for keeping the cost down is to have an above-ground swimming pool, which will be less invasive to your garden and can be dismantled easily if needed.

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You may be looking for a larger pool, perhaps for fitness training or to accommodate all the family and neighbours at summer garden parties. Prices for a bespoke, concrete-built pool with mosaic tiling, for example, can start at around £75,000, and if you have the budget you can spend several times that creating your dream swimming pool with luxury features and optional extras. If you’re concerned about how much water, chemicals and energy you’ll be using to keep your pool in good condition, you can make some eco-friendly choices during the design and installation process and opt for pumps and filters which are energy efficient, to keep the running costs as low as possible.

As well as the initial build costs and of a swimming pool and additional pieces like covers, ladders and surrounds, it’s important to consider the ongoing maintenance and running costs of an outdoor swimming pool before you make the commitment. You’ll need to remove leaves and debris on a regular basis, as well as checking the water filters and maintaining the pH level of your pool water. This can be quite time consuming, and lots of people decide to employ a swimming pool maintenance company to keep on top of this. The ongoing costs for running your pool, including heating it to a comfortable level, can work out to be around £5 – £10 a day during the summer months. Again, you can opt for energy efficient heating, and even a solar cover, which will help you conserve heat and save money on your running costs.

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Having an outdoor swimming pool installed really does mean a huge range of options which will be affected by your budget, as well as personal taste. The cost shouldn’t be prohibitive, though; it may be surprising what you can achieve for a relatively small outlay, so pool parties in your back garden can be a reality rather than a daydream!

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