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Swimming Pool Design

Swimming Pool Design

Pool-DesignXL Pools are expert swimming pool designers, able to plan your dream pool from conception right through to completion, inside or out. Our expert pool design consultancy service gives customers complete control over their desired home swimming pool and our experience ensures you benefit from the most professional job possible.


The Benefits of One-Piece Swimming Pools

One-Piece swimming pools are becoming more and more popular as a first choice for domestic swimming pools, whether an indoor or an outdoor swimming pool installation. They have been widely produced in America, Australia and Europe since the 1950s. One-Piece pools are ideally suited for the domestic market because of their flexible design and ease of installation, providing almost instant visible results once installed. One-Piece pools can be made into customized attractive shapes and the pool shells are more resistant to damage than vinyl lined or tiled pools, while also being easier to clean. One-Piece pools, by definition, have to be transported in one piece, so transport and access can occasionally place limitations on the size of pool possible.

One-Piece pools have been popular in Australia for many years, where around 60% of pools are constructed in this way, and are steadily gaining popularity in the UK. They offer great flexibility, and allow features such as steps and underwater ledges for a fraction of the cost it would be for concrete pools.


Luxury Swimming Pool Design

XL Pools work in partnership with Compass Pools, who are industry leaders in stunning One-Piece swimming pools. The global success of Compass Pools is down to supplying the highest possible quality of product.

To find out more about swimming pool design and construction for your property, why not take a look through our swimming pool design gallery for inspiration and get in touch with us to discuss your own requirements.

XL Trainer 110 in Blue Sapphire

Compass Ceramic Swimming Pools

Compass Ceramic Pools have been at the forefront of swimming pool design and manufacture, utilising the latest materials and technologies to produce a product of superior quality, and aesthetics for over 30 years.

Liner Swimming Pools

Liners come in a range of qualities and standard. The highest available quality is on-site welded liner due to its durability and robustness in comparison to one-piece liner – also known as a ‘bag’ liner. As customers’ aspirations for pools have changed over the years, one key advantage to welded liner is the versatility of shape that can be achieved due to it being cut on-site.

Outdoor Round Concrete Pool - Tiled

Concrete Pools

There are three different methods to create a concrete swimming pool: reinforced concrete blockwork, shuttered and poured reinforced concrete or sprayed reinforced concrete (also known as gunite or shotcrete).

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XL Pools are a team of dedicated professionals who have built a reputation for outstanding swimming pool design and construction. We are the leading suppliers and installers of Compass Pools.


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