One Piece Swimming Pool Design

One-Piece Swimming Pools

One piece pools are typically made of fiberglass or polymer, or in the case of Compass Pools, a ceramic composite material. They are strong and durable, easy to clean and resistant to algae formation. Due to their flexible design capability, they can be made in a variety of shapes: uniform straight edges, contemporary curves, single depth or with a deep and shallow end. The construction allows for steps, ledges and other features, along with lighting and various pool maintenance equipment to be built into the shell of the pool itself, saving money and time in the construction and installation process.

One piece pools have to be transported in one piece, and usually travel to their destination by road on articulated lorries. This, combined with restrictions on access, can inevitably create some restrictions on pool size in certain cases, but otherwise the shape and size of the pool can be highly customisable.

One piece pools can also come in a variety of colours and finishes, so you can design your pool to reflect your taste and personality. From vibrant sapphire blue to classy black or brilliant white, you can make your pool blend into the background, or become a statement in your back garden.

The Compass Pools Range

Compass XL Trainer 110FB


The geometric, modern pool. Available in the following sizes:

  • X-Trainer 45 – 4.50m x 3.00m
  • X-Trainer 58 – 5.80m x 3.45m
  • X-Trainer 82 – 8.25m x 3.70m
  • XL Trainer 72 – 7.20m x 3.30m
  • XL Trainer 90 – 9.00m x 4.00m
  • XL Trainer 110 – 11.00m x 4.00m
  • XXL Trainer 133 – 13.30m x 4.50m
Compass XL Java 114


The Roman end pool. Available in the following sizes:

  • Java 85 – 8.50m x 3.81m
  • Java 101 – 10.10m x 3.82m
  • XL Java 114 – 11.40m x 4.00m
Compass Silverline_Trend


The Entry Level Ceramic Pool. Currently only available in the following size:

  • 8.3m x 3.58m
Compass Vogue 82


The Contemporary pool. Available in the following sizes:

  • Vogue 71 – 7.22m x 3.65m
  • Vogue 82 – 8.25m x 4.25m
Compass Riverina 94


The Curvaceous Pool. Available in the following sizes:

  • Riverina 67 – 6.70m x 3.44m
  • Riverina 74 – 7.40m x 3.75m
  • Riverina 84 – 8.40m x 3.75m
  • Riverina 94 – 9.40m x 3.75m
  • Riverina 106 – 10.60m x 3.75m
Compass XL Briliant 88


The Classic Pool. Available in the following sizes:

  • Briliant 66 – 6.60m x 3.65m
  • Briliant 74 – 7.60m x 3.65m
  • XL Briliant 88 – 8.67m x 3.71m
Compass Fast Lane

Fast Lane

The Swimmers Pool. Available in one size:

  • XL-Fastlane 122 – 12.20m x 2.90m

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