Swimming Pool Covers

Swimming Pool CoverCovers are an essential addition to keep your swimming pool clean, safe and to retain heat. It’s also recommended to use a safety cover if your pool is accessible by children or animals. A good cover can mean reduced swimming pool maintenance with chemical treatment consumption and reduced energy bills. There are many options available, from a straightforward manual cover through to a fully tracked automatic operation. We also offer options of either a purpose-built swimming pool building, telescopic enclosure or domed. Both are similar in appearance to a conservatory, and provide the potential for year-round swimming in an outdoor pool.

Swimming Pool Solar Cover

Solar Covers

If you’re having an outdoor swimming pool installation and you’re keen to save on your energy costs for heating the pool, a solar cover is a great option to keep your pool clean, reduce heat loss, and actually harness the power of the sun to add heat to your pool water. They’re also often referred to as bubble covers and pool solar blankets.

Swimming Pool Safety Cover

Safety Covers

Surely one of the most important reasons for installing a cover on your swimming pool is safety. Children and adults alike are at risk of serious injury or drowning if they accidently fall into a pool, so you can put your mind at rest by having a safety cover installed. At their most basic, these are a reinforced tarpaulin which is stretched across the pool so that it’s strong enough to walk on without giving way, preventing anyone, or anything, accidentally entering the water.

Swimming Pool Solar Slatted Cover

Slatted Covers

If you’re looking for a stylish cover option, slatted venetian covers offer a luxury finish, which will add a sleek contemporary look to your pool when not in use. These can be automatic or manual. There are various options available depending on your preferences and budget.

Swimming Pool Winter Cover

Winter Covers

Any outdoor pool needs to be protected in winter, from leaves and other debris, and from damage caused by the cold weather. A winter swimming pool cover is designed to provide strong protection from unwanted objects or small wild animals entering the pool, as well as shielding the shell of the pool from potential frost damage.

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