Swimming Pool Filtration

Swimming Pool FiltrationEvery swimming pool requires some form of filtration and sanitisation. For many swimming pools in the UK this can be as simple as a sand filter and a filter pump however there are many upgrades that can be made to increase the efficiency of a swimming pool’s filtration.

A filtration (or plant) room should be watertight so that rain and the elements do not damage the equipment. It should be in easy access from the pool and also ideally on a similar level to the pool. In cases where this is not possible a larger filter pump maybe required to be able to cope. A good control board is required to turn off or on equipment such as pumps and heaters. It is also ideal to have these items with timers.

Swimming Pool UV Filter

UV Sanitation

Working alongside a sand filter, a UV system will disinfect water efficiently and safely by exposing the passing water to high doses of UV light. This stops the growth of mould and bacteria and keeps algae under control. It does not allow you to stop using chlorine however it will help you reduce the amount you use.

Zodiac TRI salt chlorinator

Salt Chlorination

An alternative to usual chlorine based sanitation a salt chlorination system will use electrolysis to convert salt into chlorine ions which kill off bacteria and algae. The salt in a swimming pool can be as low as 2,500 parts per million (sea water is approximately 35,000ppm) so you will not taste or feel salt in the water or you skin.

Zodiac Magnapool Hydroxinator

Magnapool Salt Chlorination

Magnapool is a similar take on slat water chlorination however instead of using regular salt it uses Magnesium Salts which add an extra spa like effect to the water giving you incredible clarity of water and a much better feeling for you skin and hair. You can find out more about Magnapool here

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