Swimming Pool Surrounds

xxl_trainer_2012-4The exterior of your pool is made up of coping stones, i.e. the paving blocks that immediately surround the pool, and other surrounds such as block paving or decking. We provide a comprehensive range of options that can enhance the overall cosmetic appeal of your swimming pool. Choose a pool surround that maximizes safety while adding a stylish finish to your swimming pool. There are a variety of non-slip surrounds available, in different colours and styles depending on your taste.

Tiles and Paving

There are many options to go for here, and your choice could completely change the look and feel of the pool. Smooth or textured, straight or curved, black or white… Here’s where you can get creative and design your pool surround to provide something safe and functional, or invest in a patio or seating area to maximise your enjoyment of the pool. When you’re making your choice, consider how much upkeep your tiles will need to remain looking good – how susceptible they are to fading, and whether they need to be regularly jet-washed.


It’s important to have coping tiles or slabs around the immediate edge of your pool, to protect the pool and its users. If you’re looking for a softer aesthetic look for the rest of the pool surround though, decking could be a good option for you. It will need to be reinforced with concrete slabs, and it’s important to choose decking that will not crack or splinter, especially if you consider that people will be walking around the pool with bare feet.

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