Swimming Pool Enclosures

Kielen Park 01If you have ever thought about being able to enjoy your pool all year round irrespective of the weather then a swimming pool enclosure could be for you. A pool enclosure will allow you to use your pool all year round, day or night, raining, snowing, windy, cold or dark.

The climate in the UK is always a little unpredictable and therefore can be frustrating for pool owners who plan to take a swim but find the weather denies them the opportunity. A swimming pool enclosure will extend your pool’s usage so you can use it all year round. Not only the obvious benefits, it will also make your pool safer by locking the pool area up when not in use, stopping young children from climbing in without supervision.

Covering a pool is a great way to save on the usage of chemicals, using an enclosure will further help this which substantially reduces the amount you would have to spend on an annual basis. Don’t forget an enclosure will also protect the pool from the debris entering the pool so you would spend less time cleaning your pool and more time enjoying it!

Pool Enclosures do not have to be full height for you to walk around. They can be made to be low level so you can get in and swim in the pool and enjoy all the benefits of an enclosure without a large structure in the garden.

The enclosures XL Pools provides can also be made to fold up at both or one end opening the pool up to the world when the weather is nicer.

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