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Winter Offers From XL Pools

How fast it comes around! This time of year we are yet again closing swimming pools down and preparing them for the winter. It is this time of year that upgrades and any niggling problems with your pool can also be fixed without interuption to your swimming.

We have a couple of special offers available between now and December 1st 2015 for all our customers to enjoy:


1/ Chlorine feeders – If you use chlorine in your pool and still add your chlorine tablets to your skimmer we highly recommend using a chlorine feeder. A feeder will allow you to add a month’s supply in one go and will trickle chlorine into the system with no risk of corrosion or damage to the filtration equipment. Cost to supply and install will be £200 + VAT. As a special offer we will also include a free bucket of chlorine tablets if purchased before December 1st 2015.


2/ Winter debris covers – If you do not own a winter debris cover we highly recommend one if you use a slatted or solar bubble cover. A winter debris cover will stop a vast majority of leaf matter, stop small animals falling in such as hedgehogs, and other debris getting into the pool causing a number of problems throughout the winter and with opening up again next year. The price for a winter cover varies with the size of your pool so please do email me for a quote. As a special offer, should you purchase a winter cover from us we will reward you with 50% off next season’s commission.

For more information or to order, please call the office on 01233 840336.

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