Compass Pools Kent

XL Pools is proud to be the official installer for Compass Pools Kent. One piece pools are typically made of fibreglass or polymer or in the case of Compass Pools, a ceramic composite material. They are strong and durable, easy to clean and resistant to algae formation.

Due to their flexible design capability, they can be made in a variety of shapes including: uniform straight edges, contemporary curves, single depth or with a deep and shallow end.

The construction allows for steps, ledges and other features such as lighting and various pool maintenance equipment to be built into the shell of the pool itself. This can all save money and time in the construction and installation process.

One piece pools have to be transported as one whole hence the name ‘One-piece. Travel to the destination is usually by road on articulated lorries. Any restrictions (on say access) can inevitably create some restrictions on pool size in certain cases but otherwise the shape and size of the pool can be customised.

One piece pools can also come in a variety of colours and finishes, you can design your pool to reflect your taste and personality. From vibrant sapphire blue to classy black or brilliant white, you can make your pool blend into the background, or become a statement in your back garden.

XL Pools are Kent’s re-seller and installer for Compass pools and can offer a full end-to-end service for this brand.

Why Compass Pools?

Your first question might be, “Why would I want a one piece pool over a traditional liner pool or a concrete pool with nice mosaic tiles?”

The answer to that is simple…

Whilst a liner pool will likely be cheaper to build, as with everything in life, they tend to cost you the most in the long run to own and maintain.

  • Liners tend to deteriorate and distort in shape and pull away from the seals at the surface looking unsightly
  • They also need replacing on average every 5 to 10 years at significant cost
  • The soft nature of the material makes them more susceptible to a chemical imbalance and UV damage from the sun
  • They are known to offer very poor energy efficiency

A concrete pool will offer you unlimited design capabilities and a near unlimited choice of finishes and will also be durable when built to a standard, however, the nature of the construction process is expensive and labour intensive, and again they also have extremely high ongoing maintenance costs for the life of ownership.

  • Concrete pools take on average a minimum of 6 to 12 week installation time
  • The rough, porous surface increases chemical usage as they harbour bacteria, and maintenance time dramatically
  • Concrete can crack in freeze/thaw climates resulting in expensive repairs
  • High initial build cost
  • As tiles come away and staining builds up, major refurbishment is required every 10 to 15 years
  • Concrete pools are also known to offer poor energy efficiency

What makes Compass Pools unique and so superior over a standard fibreglass pool?

Quite simply, Compass Pools are the industry leaders in One Piece Swimming Pools because of the unique use of high-quality materials in their construction.

  • The only original and patented carbon ceramic pool technology in the world
  • Using Closed Beam technology and Carbon Fibre to provide strength, eliminates the need for steel which can rust and degrade over time.
  • The patented ceramic core of the shell also provides greater strength, but without the loss of flexibility.
  • The pool shell is completely impermeable and guaranteed against osmosis
  • Pools are available in a fantastic array of 3D colours
  • Over 70,000 Compass Pools installed worldwide
  • 30 years of world research and development her engineered the industries leading one-piece swimming pool

Compass Pools Technology

Compass Carbon Ceramic Pools®

In select models, Carbon Fibre sections are strategically incorporated to structurally reinforce the most stressed areas of the pool. Carbon Fibre is renowned for its immense strength, yet extreme light weight, and is found in the aerospace, Formula 1, and high-performance yacht industries. These properties also make it perfect for use in our Compass Ceramic Pools.

  • 20% increase in structural strength
  • Greater pool stability
  • Allows for easier site handling

Compass Pools Colours

Nova® Colours

New types of colour chips and modernized primary colour mixtures are used! Aesthetically, its translucent holographic effect gives a distinguishing brilliance.

Bi-Luminate® Colours

These colours change the look of composite pools thanks to small glittering particles just below the top-coat and the application of two paint layers instead of just one.


  • 2 layers of special paint that are applied separately
  • colour effect of the most beautiful sea lagoon you can only imagine
  • coloured layers are applied manually as on the most expensive cars that’s why every pool is an original

Compass Rollo Cover

Safety & Energy Efficiency

The Compass Pools Rollo cover is an integrated automatic safety cover system, which rolls and unrolls effortlessly across the pool surface at the press of a button. The cover is designed to bear the weight of a pet, child, or even an adult and, for even greater safety, an integrated safety ledge prevents the cover sinking when under the load. The Rollo automatic slatted pool cover also offers superb insulation properties when in place on your pool when the pool is not being used, eliminating heat losses through surface evaporation. The energy-efficiency can be further enhanced by adding our optional solar version, which actively captures heat energy from sunlight and transfers it into the water, and utilising this free energy to raise water temperature by between 4°C and 8°C depending on the weather and location.

Aesthetics & Quality

The Rollo cover chamber is integral part of your pool structure and houses the hidden mechanism with guiding wheels. When opened or closed, slats are smoothly and automatically guided around a stainless steel roller and propelled by a sophisticated in-roller motor. When fully opened, the cover slats are hidden completely out of sight below the water level behind a panel the same colour as the rest of the pool.

Rollo cover slats are made from high quality rigid PVC, designed to resist impact damage and fading from the sun’s UV-rays.

Rollo Cover can be installed on the following models:

  • XL-Trainer 90, 110, 110FB and XXL-Trainer 133
  • XL-Java 114, XL-Briliant 88 and XL-Fast lane 122

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