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XL Pools proudly serves as the exclusive distributor and installer of Aqua Technics pools in the United Kingdom. Our team is dedicated to bringing you the finest quality swimming pools from Aqua Technics, ensuring that you have access to world-class products and expert installation services. Discover the perfect pool solution with XL Pools, your trusted partner for Aqua Technics pool projects in the UK.

Aqua Technics Pools have been manufacturing award-winning fibreglass swimming pools for over 45 years. One-piece pools are typically made of fibreglass and are manufactured in purpose-built facilities. This makes the fit and finishes perfect every time. They are strong and durable, easy to clean and resistant to algae formation.

Due to their flexible design capability, they can be made in a variety of shapes. Aqua Technics pools offer some of the widest variety of shapes and sizes available here in the UK. They also boast the widest and deepest one-piece pool on the UK market.

A one-piece pool construction allows for steps, ledges and other features such as lighting and various pool maintenance equipment to be built into the shell of the pool itself. This can all save money and time in the construction and installation process.

One-piece pools have to be transported as one whole hence the name ‘One-piece’. Travel to the destination is usually by road on articulated lorries. Any restrictions (on say access) can inevitably create some restrictions on pool size in certain cases but otherwise, the shape and size of the pool can be customised.

Aqua Technics Pools can also come in a variety of colours and finishes, you can design your pool to reflect your taste and personality. From vibrant twilight to classy grey sky silver, you can make your pool blend into the background, or become a statement in your back garden.

Why Aqua Technics Pools

Swimming Pool Technology

  • Exclusive patented Pool ColorGuard technology
  • The world’s only surface protection system that resists the effects of UV rays and chemicals
  • Protects your pool from colour loss and weathering

Superior Strength

  • Fully supported steps & bench seating
  • 8″ wider edge beam making the pool structurally independent
  • High tensile strength fibreglass – pools are up to 20% stronger

Superior Materials

  • Manufactured using new generation, corrosion-resistant, eco-friendly fibreglass with improved strength and stiffness
  • Selected models feature Graphene, a remarkable material that is lighter than paper but 200 times stronger than steel.
  • Daily on-site batching of materials resulting in a better product
  • Only speciality materials are used – no general-purpose products

Precision Moulds

  • New designs built to exacting tolerances
  • Edge beams are true and the shapes are geometrically perfect
  • Surface finish without peer

Built like no other pool

Introducing ground-breaking Graphene Nano-Tech, innovative new technology in fibreglass swimming pools

Graphene Nano-Tech is a revolutionary process infusing graphene nano technology in every Aqua Technics pool. Developed in WA after more than three years of research and development, it incorporates graphene into the composite layers of our pools, creating a totally new patent-pending construction process that is the next generation of fibreglass pool technology.

Graphene is the strongest material known to man. It is over 200 times stronger than steel and stronger than titanium. Infuse it in our pools and you get our strongest pool ever, built like no other. Quality that you expect with an Aqua Technics pool.

Captivating Pools Colours

Crystalite ColourGuard

A pool with Crystalite® ColourGuard has exceptional strength and offers superior fade and blister resistance.  Its ability to protect your pool from fading has been proven and tested over the last 30 years.  As a result, every Crystalite® ColourGuard pool includes a Lifetime Interior Surface Guarantee* – a testament to its long standing quality and strength.

Take your pick from the popular Crystalite® ColourGuard colour range for a spectacular shimmering effect.  Coloured and silver chips are evenly distributed throughout the surface, resulting in a dramatic, brilliant finish that sparkles in the sun.

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Superiour Colourguard Technology

Only Aqua Technics Pools can offer you a patented surface protection system for fibreglass swimming pools that resists the effects of ultraviolet rays and chemical attacks. Backed by a Limited Interior Surface Warranty, it’s like sunscreen for your swimming pool, protecting it from colour loss and weathering. Incorporating a specialized dual coat system as part of the manufacturing process, two layers are merged to provide extraordinary surface protection.

With a brilliant, high gloss finish that lasts year after year, your swimming pool will maintain its beautiful appearance thanks to the innovative and unique Pool ColourGuard. We dare you to compare.

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A Comprehensive Range of Shapes & Sizes

XL Pools offer 9 different shapes and sizes of Aqua Technics’ Fibreglass Swimming Pools so you can be sure there is a pool perfect for your requirements.


8m X 4m - Depth: 1m - 1.78m

The modern, geometric style of the Valentina will complement any outdoor area. Ideal for family entertaining, this contemporary pool offers a generous swimming area and plenty of seating for relaxation.


9.5m X 4.45m - Depth: 1m - 1.85m

The clean, contemporary style of the Siena means it will complement any outdoor area and not become dated in years to come. Combined with our stunning range of modern colors, this pool will be the centerpiece of your entertaining area to be enjoyed by your family and friends.


11m X 4.45m - Depth: 1m - 2m

The clean, contemporary style of the Torino means it will complement any outdoor area and not become dated in years to come. Designed for larger areas, the Torino offers an abundance of space for swimming, playing or simply relaxing at the end of the day.


14’5” X 32’6” - Depth: 4’4” - 6’7”

The Saint-Louis is a Pool+Spa combination that gives you both swimming and relaxation zones within a single shell. Holiday at home with your own indulgent pool and spa experience.


10.4m X 3.6m - Depth: 1.5m

The Aspen showcases a chic geometric style. Its 4m width makes it perfect for many outdoor spaces and the extended entry step in the shallow end can double as a seat.


7.8m X 3.4m - Depth: 1.5m

The clean, geometric style of the Regency means it will complement any outdoor area and not become dated in years to come. Designed for smaller areas, the Regency offers a space for swimming, playing or simply relaxing at the end of the day.


9.22m X 3.77 - Depth: 1.1m - 1.66m

The Dyanasty shows off it’s modern geometric style with twin entry steps and a generous 9.22m length. Suitable for many garden sizes and activities.


11.22m X 3.77m - Depth: 1.1m - 1.8m

The Royale comes in with a very impressive 11.22m internal length. Perfect for families and serious swimmers alike.


6.1m X 3.1m - Depth: 1.09m - 1.75m

The ultimate family entertainer, incorporating a modern, geometric design. This pool is perfect for quick dips and small gardens, or maybe just to add as an aesthetic focal point.


8.3m X 3.3 - Depth: 1.09m - 1.76m

Escape to paradise and experience a luxurious hideaway of your own with the new Elysian. This model features a modern, geometric design that will complement any outdoor style. Three full width steps provide easy entry into the pool and can also double as a seating area. Twin deep end swim outs are perfect for rest and relaxation zones.

Elysian Aqua Technics Pool

Spillways & Spas

Create your dream outdoor entertaining area with a spillway spa or wading pool to complement your new pool.


4m X 2m - Depth: 1.0m

The Elba spa is perfect for small areas. Incorporating unobtrusive corner entry steps to maximise swimming area with a extended bench seat spans the length of the pool. Perfect to play, soak or relax


1.63m X 1.63 - Depth: 0.65m

Add an extra touch of relaxation and hydrotherapy to your swimming pool with the Apollo Spillway Spa. Seating up to 5 people, the Apollo Spillway Spa can be added to any of the pools in our range and connects seamlessly to the edge of the pool to create the ultimate outdoor entertaining area.


2.2m X 1.8m - Depth: 1m

Create the ultimate outdoor entertaining area with a Nova Spillway Spa to compliment your new pool. The Nova has ample bench seating and seats up to 7 adults.


2.2m X 1.8m - Depth: 0.3m

The Cove spillway wading pool provides the perfect shallow paddling area which attaches to the side of your pool, and is perfect for kids at only 1’1” deep.

AquaLedge & Plunge Pools

Create resort-style living in your own backyard by adding the Aqua Ledge to your pool. Imagine relaxing poolside and feeling like you are on holiday every day, without having to leave home.

2.34m X 4.27m - Depth: 0.15m

Can be added to any Aqua Technics pool. Available in our full range of colours – match or contrast with your pool. Can be used as a play zone for kids


3m diameter - Depth: 1.45m

Perfect for smaller backyards, this functional and stylish round plunge pool design can be installed in-ground or partially out of ground. With its soft, organic design, this pool easily blends in with the surrounding landscaping.

Special Offer

For all deposits received before 31/12/2021 pick one of the following free gifts:

Zodiac Aqualink TRi Pro Pool Automation System

Information all in one place, with remote control. You can connect all your pool equipment (Zodiac® or other makes) — filtration, water treatment, heating, lighting, cleaning, water features, etc. — to your AquaLink TRi® unit, letting you easily take control of it all.

Full Season of Servicing and Chemicals

One season of hassle free swimming. Fortnightly cleaning and a full years chemical package. Includes Commissioning and Decomissioning for winter.

4.1 Outdoor Patio Sound System

This patio sound system creates the perfect soundtrack to your garden party. Fully installed by our expert team.

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