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Swimming Pool Installation

Swimming Pool Installation

Summary: The cost of swimming pool installation varies widely based on shape, size and equipment required, however, a ball park figure for a basic swimming outdoor swimming pool is from £70,000 going up to £100,000+ with optional extras on a higher spec. pools. It is recommended that you get a free consultation and site survey from us to fully understand your requirements and get you an accurate estimate.


Having a pool installed at your property is a big investment. It is also possibly the one of the best purchases you can make to improve your quality of life at home and enrich family time. There are many elements to purchasing a swimming pool that need to be considered which affect the cost of swimming pool installation. The different swimming pool construction methods come with different features and considerations. Choosing the right pool that is right for you should be the first priority. Swimming pools can be built indoors and outdoors. Naturally, if you desire an indoor pool, you will need a building to house the pool which comes with its own customisable opportunities.

Other factors that should be considered when looking for a pool are:

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Features – lighting, water features, covers, etc.
Indoor Swimming Pool
Indoor Concrete Pool in Lava

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