What Size of Pool is Best For You?

Once-Piece Outdoor Swimming Pool

A common question we get asked is what size pool they should get. The answer to this may not always be a clean-cut but it is one that you want to get right first time as you can’t change the size of the pool once it is in the ground! As tempting as it maybe to get the biggest pool possible, budget and ongoing costs have to be considered. There are a number of questions we ask our customers to determine the best size of pool for them. These are: 1/ Who is going to be using the pool the most? One of the most important questions to ask is

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Swimming Pool Construction and Trees: 5 Common Questions

Outdoor One-Piece Swimming Pool with Summerhouse

With our business being based in Kent, the garden of England you wouldn’t be surprised to hear we have to deal with a lot of trees in the gardens where a pool is proposed to be installed. In this blog we will explore the various scenarios we have seen over the years and what should be done about them. In this blog we will cover:   Can tree roots damage my Swimming Pool? Should I remove all trees from around my pool? How close to a tree can a pool be installed? Can I remove a tree after my pool has been installed? Can I leave a tree stump in

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A Guide to Automatic Pool Cleaners

Scrubbing and cleaning your pool may well be up there with going to the dentist or a commute to the city in our list of least favourite things to do. Sadly as with many things in life it is something we all need to do now and again. When it comes to cleaning your pool having the right equipment helps someway to alleviate the problem but what if we told you there was a better way? An investment in an automatic pool cleaner not only will reduce the amount of time you have to spend cleaning your pool but will also improve the general health of your pool’s water. There

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Preparing for a Pool Installation? Here’s a Handy Checklist.

Outdoor One Piece Swimming Pool Installation


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How to Properly Add Chlorine Tablets to Your Pool

A common question we get asked is how best to dose chlorine tablets to a pool. There are various ways to dose tablets from floating dispensers, simply putting the tablets in a skimmer or by installing a chlorine dispenser. Today we look at these methods and explore the pros and cons of each method. Floating Chlorine Dispenser vs. Adding Chlorine to Your Skimmer First, It is best to stay away from using a floating chlorine dispenser (floater). If you have a vinyl liner, a floater could get hung up near a wall and dissolve chlorine in one area, which will bleach the liner. Also, floaters do not add chlorine to

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Keeping Unwanted Animals Out of your Pool

There is running joke in the XL Pools office about ducks swimming in the show pool, most likely sipping on a pina colada while lounging on a lilo! It isn’t ideal, and most pool owners one time or another maybe faced with a similar dilemma and would like to know how to remove unwanted animals from enjoying a lounge around in your pool. Here are some tips to stop birds and other animals from entering your pool: 1/ Make Sure to Cover Your Pool Whenever You Are Not Using It. Covers are not only there to keep the leaves and debris out from the pool but it also stops animals

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How to Keep Your Pool Clear While on Holiday

With the summer sun holiday season approaching, you may be looking forward to your break away in the sun for a week or two. But what happens to your pool while you are away and how can you stop it from transforming into a green mess for when you get back? There are some things you can do to ensure that you can keep your pool clean and clear while you are away and return to enjoy a last dip before sadly having to return to work.   1/ Get a Someone to Check on the Pool. Pools need human intervention a lot of the time and do require someone

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How to Make Your Pool Energy Efficient

Pool with Slide

In these austere times everyone is trying to save money and make savings on their expenditure; if you own a pool you’ll know it can be an expensive hobby and yet there are ways to cut back on running costs and make energy saving cutbacks which don’t affect the enjoyment of the pool. If your pool is heated perhaps you should consider having energy saving heat pump installed, although there are many alternatives to reducing the running costs of a swimming pool. Perhaps the most efficient method of heating a pool is a heat pump; these work pretty much like an air conditioning system except in reverse. The system works

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How to Give your Pool A Spring Clean

Have a think about the last time you gave your pool a through clean? When we say a thorough clean we mean scrubbing the tile band, cleaned your equipment and gave it some real attention. It may well be that your pool needs a good scrub now. Whilst a regular vac and brush once a week will do the trick to keep on-top of your regular maintenance, much like your home, your swimming pool needs attention now and then to keep it looking tip-top. With the right attitude (we all have to be in the mood to clean right?) and the right equipment you can have your pool right on

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Understanding Swimming Pool Circulation

What is a swimming pool? When you boil it all down, a swimming pool is just a giant structure that holds a large amount of water. That water requires cleaning to keep it sanitised and safe for you to swim in. To do so, the water requires the three C’s: Cleaning Chemicals Circulation In this article we will be looking at the last item on this list, Circulation. Circulation plays an essential part in the three C’s as it enables cleaning and helps mix chemicals in your pool water. Without circulation, the other two points will not be possible.   The Essentials of Pool Circulation In most in-ground pools, water

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