Case Studies

Outdoor Swimming Pools

Swimming Pool Renovation

Edwards Project

This client had purchased the property with a very dilapidated liner pool with a view to renovate it to be the perfect family pool. The client stipulated that they wanted a clean look and incorporating an automatic cover system.

Pool with Slide

Browne Project

The client had in mind a beautiful pool that would give them hours of enjoyment for the family, but which was as easy as possible to maintain and economical to run. We achieved all of that, creating a striking pool that fitted in well with the surrounding landscape and the main property building.

Premium Swimming Pool Construction

Canham Project

When we were approached by the client, they had in mind a beautiful pool that would give them hours of enjoyment, but which was as easy as possible to maintain, economical to run and would clean itself. We achieved all of that, creating a striking pool that fitted in well with the surrounding landscape and the main property building.

Outdoor Lap Pool

Harvey Project

This pool was installed at a grade 1 listed 12th century monastery now converted to residential dwellings. Special attention to detail and design was required to ensure it met with planning application stipulations and the design was sympathetic to its historic surroundings.

Swimming Pool Fountain

Deane Project

When we were approached by the client, they had in mind a classically styled pool that would be prefect for general exercise and entertainment. The client wanted a pool that was as easy as possible to maintain. We achieved all of that, creating a striking pool that fitted in well with the surrounding landscape and the newly built main building.

Outdoor One Piece Swimming Pool

Show Pool Project

This pool is used as our personal home swimming pool, as well as being a show pool to demonstrate and promote to potential customers.

Swimming Pool with View

Frost Project

The client was quite specific about the position of his pool. The main issue was that the pool was to be situated on a steep gradient and therefore a retaining wall had to be built and a level area created. The pool was to be situated on the edge of the wall to give the illusion of an endless style pool over looking the beautiful grounds beyond.

Outdoor Swimming Pool With Enclosure

Pryde Project

The customer was very particular about the quality and the finish of the pool. The customer wanted a pool that the family could use for most of the year round but could be outdoors in the Summer. The pool was installed with a heat pump that was able to run well into the colder months. We also installed a Summit Leisure pool enclosure that could simply roll back in the warmer months.

Outdoor Oval Shaped Swimming Pool

Wilson Project

The client had seen an image in a magazine that he cut out and presented to us. The specification was, “I want that, please”! We replicated the design in every way possible. The client’s installation has a large expanse of paving leading from the house to the pool. It is positioned overlooking stunning views of the surrounding countryside, and large stone steps set behind the pool lead down to the lower garden.

Compass One-Piece Swimming Pool

Ritchie Project

Mr & Mrs Ritchie wanted to have the pool in a position where an existing pond was. The pond had to be drained and wildlife safely rescued to another pond on the site then the excavation could begin.

Bespoke Lined Swimming Pool

Cross Project

We’re particularly proud of the versatile nature of this installation. The ability to uncover and heat only the paddling pool area as separate from the main pool is quite an unusual feature.

Compass XL Java

Smith Project

Mr & Mrs Smith approached us after seeing and experiencing our work first hand through a relative, the owner of one of our most successful pools to date.

Compass XL Trainer 133 with Enclosure

Hassanally Project

Our client had a very specific wish list in mind when she approached us about her swimming pool. She required a pool of consistent depth, which was both large enough to play water polo with her family and long enough for serious swimming training.

Compass Swimming Pool Installed

Smith Project

Mr and Mrs Smith required a retreat from their busy lives. Their dream pool is a contemporary design, functioning as a safe but fun pool for their children to enjoy, but also as a unique romantic getaway in a stunning location overlooking over the Bristol Channel.

Indoor Swimming Pools

Indoor Swimming Pool

Bradnam Project

The brief from the client was to create a stylish and contemporary pool with an ultra-high water level and no visible skimmer, along with an integrated safety cover.

Indoor Swimming Pool

Charles Project

Mrs and Mrs Charles designed their new house to incorporate an indoor swimming pool. The entire property is styled with practicality and beauty in mind, and the pool room is no exception. The 13.0m swimming pool is perfect for serious swimming for training and fitness, and great for the whole family to enjoy.

Nova Pearl Compass XL Trainer Swimming Pool

Proctor Project

This pool was designed with fitness in mind. The client wanted to be able to use the pool all year round and not have to worry about what the weather was doing and therefore it was decided that building the pool inside was the best option. The client did not want a lot of chemicals being used in the pool and therefore we selected the Compass Trainer 72 as the perfect pool due to it’s anti bacterial coating and smooth surface to prevent the growth of algae therefore less chemicals required.

Indoor Disabled Access Swimming Pool

Williams Project

The customer’s son has a condition which requires him to be in a wheelchair. The pool has to be of a depth where the parents were able to hold him above water while standing. A disabled lift was installed to allow easy entry and exit to the pool.

Premium Luxury Indoor Pool

Rowswell Project

Mr & Mrs Rowswell approached us during the build of their new property.
The pool was to be the hub of the entertainment area in the house and wanted something extra special.

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