Kuske Project

The brief was simple for this project; the client had just moved into their traditional but contemporary new build forever home, with a modest sized garden. They wanted to incorporate the pool as close to the house as possible in order to maximise garden space.

During the excavation for the pool, it was discovered that rain water drains were situated within the digout area. We overcame this by rerouting the pipework outside of the pool area.

The pool fits perfectly within the grounds of the house; its small but elegant form gives the client an amazing focal point and background to the back of the house, without losing valuable garden space.

During the day, this pool is a great family and relaxation space, with a transformation in the evening once the lights go on, it is beautifully illuminated, showing off the depth of it’s bi-luminate colour and sparkle.

Project Overview

Construction Method: One Piece
Shell Model: Compass Trainer
Sanitization: Offline chlorinator
Cover: solar PVC slats
Extras: Zodiac Z300 M7 heat pump

Impressed from start to finish by the professionalism of this company. Everything was done when they said it would be, and nothing was too much trouble, even now after the pool build, they keep in contact to make sure we are happy. All the staff knew exactly what they were doing, and worked really hard with little or no mess, you would not know from the garden that we have had a pool installed! Thanks everyone for a lovely job!

Installation Gallery

Kent Swimming Pool Construction

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