Ramsgate Project

This Italian Carrara Marble tiled plunge pool is a luxurious and elegant reconstructed asset to this Historic Grade II* listed property.
XL Pools was approached by our client to demolishing their old pool structure which was built in the early 1900’s, and rebuild it to a better specification while honouring and replicating the old structure design (with a few minor beneficial tweaks). Even though this was a challenging process, it did yield impressive results. Our first job was to carefully survey the old structure to determine which aspects of the design were worth preserving. This included the general layout, the proportions of different elements, and the unique architectural features like the bespoke hand-crafted waterfall. The new structure was then designed to incorporate all the desirable features of the old design, while also making improvements to meet modern building standards. This involved insulation, efficient heating and filtration system as well as stronger, suitable and more durable materials. The key thing to remember, was to carefully balance the preservation of the old design with the need for modern improvements, creating a structure that is both beautiful and functional.

With careful planning and execution, this project resulted in a stunning new plunge pool that is both true to the original design but better and in line with modern day standards and technology.

We are delighted to say we delivered more than what our client expected and they looks forward to quick dips and cooling off on hot days, as well as being able to heat the pool for the nieces and nephews. Going back to the design of the pool, the Italian Marble Tiles add a touch of sophistication and beauty to the pool, creating a stunning visual element. The natural stone material also has the added benefit of being durable and long-lasting, ensuring that the pool will remain a beautiful and functional feature of the home for years to come. We are proud to have been able to fulfil our clients wishes and provide a practical investment, as well as an updated touch of elegance and relaxation to their home.

Project Overview

Construction Method: Concrete
Finish: Italian Cararra Marble
Sanitization: Certikin in-line chlorine feeder
Coping Stones: Sandstone copings

When we purchased this Arts and Crafts house off a world renowned illustrator there was a marble plunge pool in the garden that he had sketched himself to fit in with the surroundings. Sadly, although visually the pool was perfect the construction method was poor and after a few years leaked like a proverbial sieve. The remit for XLPools was to demolish and recreate a pool maintaining the vision and the dimensions of the original, all be it with a slight increase in depth that did not alter the external appearance. We are pleased to say that this was completed very much to our satisfaction. They worked though in detail how this could be achieved using professional construction methods and up to date plant and kept us informed through the whole process. The greatest compliment is that it looks just like the original design but properly executed

Installation Gallery

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