Swimming Pool Cleaning

Kent & East Sussex

Swimming pools are open water systems and therefore are constantly influenced by rain, wind and sunshine (for outside pools) as well as the swimmers using the pool. All pools benefit from professional maintenance and XL Pools are the leading swimming pool cleaning providers in Kent and the South-East.

Every swimming pool is different in its construction, size, age and location, so each pool will have differing maintenance needs. There are a number of things which need to be done regularly, whether that’s weekly, monthly, seasonally or annually, to keep the pool and pool water in tip top condition. By maintaining your pool correctly, or by engaging a pool maintenance company to do the hard work for you, you’ll ensure the structure of the pool is safe, the water is clean and healthy, and that the heating and filtration systems are working correctly and efficiently, prolonging the life of your pool.


Swimming Pool Cleaning That’s Right for You

At XL Pools, we can create a tailor-made programme for you, which can include a regular pool MOT, supply of products and comprehensive regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly servicing, along with the annual opening and closing down of outdoor pools. Our objective is to ensure complete peace of mind for trouble-free enjoyment of a swimming pool that is always in great condition.

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A Typical Cleaning Service Includes:

  • Digital water test
  • Vacuuming, netting and removal of debris from the pool
  • Cleaning of both the filtration and skimmer baskets
  • Backwash filter
  • Test, treat and balance pool water with appropriate chemicals)
  • Check all pool equipment and advise as necessary

We will inform you of any problems we detect at the time, for example, a leak in your pipework.

A Typical Commission Includes:

  • Removing pool winter debris cover
  • Re-connect pool filtration
  • Vacuum and net any debris from the pool
  • Backwash and rinse filter
  • test, treat and balance pool water with appropriate chemicals
  • Check all pool equipment and advise as necessary
  • Fit solar cover

Indoor Or Outdoor Swimming Pool?


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