Outdoor Swimming Pool Installation

Outdoor Swimming Pool Installation

An outdoor pool is a relatively simple installation when compared to an indoor pool. It’s still a time-consuming and often messy process, however without the added complication of a building to surround the pool. The area where the pool will be located needs to be cleared, and access from the road established, at which point the excavation can begin. There will be an element of disruption and damage to your garden surrounding and leading up to the pool area, which is unavoidable due to the use of heavy machinery. You m

ay wish to have the area landscaped or made good by a gardener once the pool is complete and handed over to you.

If you’re having a one piece swimming pool, once the pool shell is inserted, you’ll see a glimpse of what the finished result will look like. As the shell has to be transported in one piece, it will require the use of a crane or even a helicopter in some cases, to lower it into position. Once it’s in place, the plumbing and wiring work from the pool to the plant room can be completed, and the various equipment including pool filtration units and heaters can be installed. The final part of the pool installation is the laying of coping stones around the edge of the pool and tiling, paving or decking over the surrounding area.

For an in-depth account of all the stages involved with constructing an outdoor swimming pool, and what you can expect during the process, take a look at our guide to swimming pool construction.

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