6 DIY Swimming Pool Hacks

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In the age of Pinterest and do it yourself home projects we have seen a rise in some of your very own DIY pool hacks ranging from ingenious to near essential, showing that pool owners are a very resourceful bunch! We’ve put together this list of pool hacks that you too, can try for yourself to keep your pool clean and enjoy your pool season more.

1/ Use your pool Vacuum as an additional or replacement main drain.

Most inground pools will have a bottom drain. This drain will pull water from the bottom of the water column and increase the overall turnover of the pool water. Other benefits of having a bottom drain is to remove water from the pool in the case of having to dilute a chemical for instance. If your pool doesn’t have a bottom drain, you can simply attach your pool vac and hose and place the vac upside down on the pool floor simulating a drain. This is especially useful when you are fighting a cloudy pool.

2/ Use tights to collect debris in the skimmers.

An old pair of tights work great to filter out finer debris in your skimmers than allowing it to clog up your pump basket. This has been particularly useful when your pool gets a lot of pollen and smaller debris which collects in the pump basket causing reduced flow and even failure. Simply take your skimmer basket and wrap the tights over the top of the basket. Place back into the skimmer and watch the magic happen!

3/ Use a tennis ball to extract oils from the surface of the water.

A regular tennis ball simply placed in your pool will start to soak up oils from sun tan lotion, body oil, makeup and hair products like a sponge. If you don’t like the idea of having tennis balls roaming around your pool or maybe your dog likes to retrieve them out for you(!) you can place them in your skimmers. Just be sure to remove those tights first!

4/ Mix Baking Soda with water to clean grout.

This tip is from the DIY home cleaner scene but works great on all grouted surfaces. Simply take some baking soda and mix with a little water to form a paste. With a toothbrush work the paste into the grout. After leaving for a few minutes, wipe off any excess with a sponge and you should end up with a sparklingly clean grout line.

5/ Clean off snow and debris from your winter cover with a leaf blower.

Over the course of winter, debris such a leaves, twigs and other natural fallout will come to settle on your winter cover. Instead of breaking out your pool brush and haphazardly removing this debris, breakout the old faithful leaf blower and remove that debris is a quarter of the time! This trick has also been known to help remove snow from debris covers. You mileage may vary but worth trying!

6/ Use a crumpled-up paper bag to deter wasps.

Full disclosure, we haven’t tried this one but the folks at Spryliving Have a whole article dedicated to your insect woes! Taking a paper bag and crumpling it up to mimic a rival nest, then hanging it on a nearby tree is meant to deter wasps form the area as the believe it to be a rival nest. Let us know if you try this one and how you get on!

If you have any DIY hacks for your swimming pool, comment below and we will feature them on our Facebook page!


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