A Comprehensive Guide to Swimming Pool Enclosures

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In the UK, sadly we aren’t blessed with perfect weather. Even in the height of Summer, bad weather can spoil your plans to take a dip. Unless you are fortunate enough to have an indoor swimming pool the other option you may have is a swimming pool enclosure.

What is a Pool Enclosure?

A pool enclosure is simply a structure that can be erected around your pool. Enclosures can come in many different shapes and sizes depending on your requirements. Some enclosures can simply just cover the pool from the elements and others can effectively become a pool hall with space for furniture and even partitions for showers and changing rooms!

A pool enclosure is typically made of aluminium and use either glass or polycarbonate panels. They come in a variety of colours with black and white being the most common. Roofing is typically clear polycarbonate and the sides are glass.

What are the Benefits of a Pool Enclosure?

There are many reasons why you would want to consider a pool enclosure for your pool. Here are a few examples:

Protection from the Elements

As we have previously mentioned, the UK weather isn’t always predictable! With the use of an enclosure you can protect yourself and the pool from the elements. One added benefit is that you reduce the amount of natural debris that lands in the pool drastically which improves the health of your pool, therefore reducing the amount of chemicals needed to maintain your pool.


If you, like many other parents, worry about unsupervised access to your swimming pool a swimming pool enclosure could be the perfect solution. The enclosure doors can be locked and therefore restricting access unless you unlock the pool. This is also a huge benefit to pool owners living in rural areas where animals can cause issues by falling into your pool.

Outdoor Swimming Pool With Enclosure Year Round Use of Your Pool

In a similar vein to the protection from the elements, having a pool enclosure could allow you to use your pool all year round. The caveat here would be that you would need a swimming pool heater capable of keeping up with the outdoor temperature. If you have a heater capable of the demands of winter then you have no reason not to enjoy your pool year round no matter the weather.

The Different Styles of Enclosures

There are several different designs available on the market today. Each design is different and useful in different circumstances so there will always be a enclosure design for you.

1/ Flat Enclosures

A flat enclosure is the most cost effective solution on the market. They sit right on the edge of your pool and are very low level meaning you cannot use the pool with the enclosure on the pool so they retract back when you want to use the pool.

2/ Low Profile Enclosures

Low profile enclosures are slightly higher than a flat enclosure. Although not tall enough to walk around, they are high enough for you to swim in the pool with the enclosure over the top. Many designs of these enclosures can retract back so that in the summer months, when the sun is shining you can fully open up the pool and enjoy the weather.


3/ Standing Enclosures

Standing enclosures, as the name suggests allows you to stand up around the surround of your pool. These enclosures, effectively transform your pool into an indoor pool. You can even have them at a size where you can have furniture around the pool. Again, like the other enclosures, you can retract some models so that you can enjoy a nice sunny day when the opportunity arrives.

As with all of these designs, there may be many different variations and some companies even off a bespoke service where they can custom design your enclosure and even design walkways from your house to the pool so you won’t even need to go outside to get to your pool!

Compass XL Trainer 133 with Enclosure The Cost of an Enclosure

The cost of enclosures vary greatly depending on the style and design you go for. Broadly speaking a basic flat enclosure will run you from a few thousand to 10 thousand pounds. A low profile enclosure will start around 8 thousand and can go up to 20 thousand pounds. A standing enclosure will start around 20 thousand and run up to 50 thousand depending on the size.

Whilst the price of an enclosure is not a small one, it should more be seen as an investment. An enclosure will add value to your pool. It will also protect you pool therefore reducing the long term maintenance required such as liner replacement. Lastly it will make you pool safer which for many will be worth any cost.


As we have demonstrated, an enclosure can provide you with many benefits with little downside except their initial investment. For some, the cost of a dedicated building to run your pool year round can be cost prohibitive. This is where an enclosure can become the ideal solution. Not only can you use your pool year round but when the weather is nice you can enjoy all the benefits of an outdoor pool by retracting the enclosure back.


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