A Touch of Luxury

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A Touch of Luxury

There’s no two ways about it, having a swimming pool installed in your home is often an expensive business. For many, just the thought of having their own home swimming pool in the first place is a lifetime dream. Some people however, for whom money is no object, will go to extraordinary lengths in achieving their dream pool. Spas, jets, mosaic tiling, professional standard flow machines, automatic covers, infinity edges; these are all special optional features of swimming pools you might like to consider when finalising your design. But have you ever thought of having a swimming pool that transforms into a ballroom or dining hall at the touch of a button?

It may sound like a step too far into fantasy, but these incredible pools are becoming increasingly popular amongst rich homeowners. Particularly desirable where space is at a premium, for example in London residences, the amazing transforming swimming pools are commonly installed where there wouldn’t ordinarily be room for one without taking valuable space from the rest of the property. At the touch of a button, the floor of the swimming pool itself rises up automatically, until it’s flush with the flooring in the rest of the room. At this point it’s completely safe to walk on, and the room becomes a large and versatile space for entertaining or other activities.

The floor of the pool takes around fifteen minutes to fully rise, and can also be set at different depths for young children to play safely, for aqua aerobics or for hydrotherapy sessions for example. While the floor is raised, the water in the pool continues to circulate around the filtration system, ready for use as soon as it’s required. These incredible swimming pools are bespoke in design, and can cost upwards of £500,000 to be designed and installed.

If you want to add a touch of luxury to your pool in other ways, you could consider some sleek contemporary features that don’t necessarily come with such an extravagant price tag. How about an automatic venetian slatted cover so that the pool looks fantastic even when not in use? Some atmospheric lighting to make night time swimming a magical experience? Infinity edges so that your pool appears to merge into the horizon? There are plenty of ways to design your swimming pool so that it’s your own idea of swimming perfection.

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