The Benefits of Hiring a Swimming Pool Maintenance Company

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Cleaning your pool can be a tedious task, it requires regular attention and if life gets in the way and you aren’t able to maintain your pool the results could be a very green pool and a laborious task of getting it back to health. Therefore many pool owners choose to employ the services of a pool professional to clean and maintain their pool on a regular basis. Not only does this save on time but it also can guarantee a better healthier pool with minimum fuss. Below we outline the main benefits to outsourcing your swimming pool maintenance.

1/ Save Time

Time is money as they say. Employing a swimming pool management company to take over the regular tasks to do with swimming pool maintenance can be a real time saver.

In the UK a typical pool will require 30 minutes to and hour of cleaning each week depending on the level of natural fallout (leaves, debris, dirt, bugs) in the pool. This time includes brushing the walls, vacuuming the pool, backwashing the filter, testing and balancing the pool chemistry. Over the course of a typical April to September season you could save yourself more than 21 hours work just cleaning your pool.

Another time saver is that a pool professional will have a stock of chemicals on-hand so no more trips to the store or hunting online for the right chemical for your pool. If a chemical gets low or runs out, then a replacement is made straight away, no fuss. For the events when a specialist chemical is required for a problem, the same is true, saving you even more time, researching the problem, finding the solution and then finding a source for the solution.

2/ Save Money on Repairs

If you are not a confident pool chemist, confident in your ability to perfectly balance and manage your pool chemistry, then mistakes can be costly. From equipment replacement to liner changes, what you can potentially damage is most likely painful and expensive. Employing a pool professional will safeguard your pool from accidents and prolong the life of your pool.

There are several ways to test your pool water and the likelihood is that you may be using test strips to determine the levels in your pool. These test strips, although good, are not perfect and will not give you definitive number attributed to the levels in your pool. By comparison a pool professional will likely use a digital photometer which will not only be able to give a definitive readout of the levels in your pool but also be able to explore some of the other parameters which test strips do not such as phosphate readings.

Maintenance is in all situations cheaper than repair, it can be difficult to quantify the savings without breakdowns but if you have ever experienced one that was linked to an improper water balance you will appreciate this as many companies will void warranties of they find corrosion due to improper water balance.

3/ Reduced Risk and Hassle of Storing Chemicals

Swimming pool chemicals are not without their risk. They require correct storage where they are sheltered from the elements to avoid spoilage. Chlorine as a good example will degrade if left in the sunlight.

There are safety risks involved too. Shock chlorine for example (Calcium Hypochlorite) is a highly flammable oxidizer. If it is mixed with organic compounds it with set alight. Many pool owners underestimate the risks associated with their pool chemicals and the correct storage.

Having a small amount of these chemicals reduces the risk of problems and a professional eye on their storage will near enough eliminate the problem altogether. Having a replacement always on hand will allow you to not have to stock up in bulk greatly increasing your risk of spoilage too.

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