Clifton Project

Our client wanted a large useable pool for all of his family, that would also accommodate the use of a diving board. To make the pool a real leisure space, it was also important for them to have a turbine swim jet to swim against (so much so that they chose a double turbine), as well as lounging area. The finish and colour of the internal tiles chosen are exquisite and enhances the water colour particularly when you notice the change in depth. The bespoke IPE hardwood diving board gives a pool an added touch of elegance and contrasts nicely against the water. The powerful, double-turbine swim jet incorporates a bespoke program for the client to provide them with varying resistance to swim against. Starting the project in January meant that we had to contend with the weather conditions, slowing our progress until the weather improved. The location of the pool in comparison to the road for access, meant the delivery of materials were quite difficult and required additional thought and manpower to move them to the pool location site.

Project Overview

Construction Method: Concrete
Sanitization: PZ2-4V Prozone unit to reduce the chlorine demand with a degasser to help remove excess air and ozone. An offline rainbow chlorine feeder maintaining chlorine levels as well as a Certikin 75W UV to assist in reducing the level of chlorine needed and maintaining the water clarity.
Cover: Aquamatic Fabric safety cover

The pool crafted In the summer of 2020, is simply stunning and has added an incredible new dimension and focus to our garden and the way we live as a family. The attention to detail and bespoke nature of the service and the build is outstanding and the end result is beyond expectation. The Project Manager particularly has taken customer communication to another level. Thank you.

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