How Do You Dose Your Chlorine Tablets?

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90% of swimming pools we work with at XL Pools use chlorine to sanitize the pool. This typically involves using a tablet style chlorine which is very simple and easy to dose instead of measuring out chlorine granules and dosing to the pool. The way many pool owners dose these tablets is to drop the tablet into a skimmer where they will slowly dissolve. Whilst this is the commonly accepted method of dosing tablets some manufacturers of pool equipment advise against it as you will be introducing high levels of chlorine directly to your pool filtration equipment. When your filtration isn’t running you also will have a very high concentration of chlorine in the water around the skimmer which can bleach pool lining. All in all this method is convenient but not without it’s problems and pitfalls.

A Better Solution

A much better solution is an automatic chlorinator. This great little device will automatically drip chlorine into your po ol over time, it is installed in your filtration room and the chlorine is introduced right before it leaves the plant room so no risk of damaging your equipment. And before you worry about cost, don’t. The average price for a automatic chlorinator, fully installed is only around £200. A fraction of the cost compared to potentially replacing a pump, heater or worse, a new liner.


  • Automatically feeds chlorine to your pool so you don’t have to. You can top up to 10 tablets meaning you could have up to around 3 weeks supply depending on your usage of the pool.
  • Feeds chlorine to your pool after pool equipment therefore greatly reduces the risk of chlorine corrosion.
  • The flow dial enables you to control the amount of chlorine that gets fed.
  • Perfect for when you go away on holiday, no need to ask a friend or neighbour to dose your pool.


  • Does cost a small amount to get installed
  • Dosing the chlorine to the chlorinator does require caution. When you open the chlorinator, you will need to be aware of chlorine gas which will have built up. Experience and advice will teach you to allow it to vent for a little bit before adding tablets.


Whilst both methods of dosing work well, we find and highly recommend the automatic chlorinator for almost all customers. It is simple and cheap to install, means you don’t have to worry about corrosion and damage to your equipment and gives you better control over the dosing of chlorine to your pool.

If you are interested in getting a quote for a pool chlorinator installed to you pool, please call the office on 01233 840336 and we will be happy to provide you a price.

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