Exercises In The Pool: Make The Most Of Your Water Workout With Simple Equipment

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Like a lot of forms of exercise, it’s easy to work out in the pool without any special equipment, training or experience. Follow a simple routine either on your own or in a group and gradually your strength and stamina will improve and you’ll find yourself able to exercise harder, for longer. Aqua aerobics is a realistic and accessible way of exercising for everyone who has access to a swimming pool. There are, however, a few things you can do to make sure you get the most benefit from your water aerobics session, as well as some some simple pieces of equipment you might like to invest in, if you’re serious about getting fit through aqua exercise. Here are our top recommendations for equipment to help you in making the most of your water workout:


Most public indoor pools will let you use their floats, kickboards and pool noodles for free, but you might want to invest in these if your pool doesn’t have what you need, or if you’re using your home swimming pool.

small__9410403434 Belts and Vests

Many people use buoyancy belts to improve their aerobic performance in the water. You’ll put less strain on your joints while increasing the amount of resistance you experience, all leading to a more effective workout.


Weights will be useful if you want to maximise the impact of your workout. Some aquatic dumbells, wrist bands and ankle weights will help you to tone your muscles even faster. These are exactly like weights you might find at the gym, and work in the same way, except that they are designed to float on the surface of the pool.


Purchasing some aquatic shoes will make your exercise session more effective and more comfortable. These special shoes are designed to increase the resistance of the water against your foot, helping you to burn more calories, and of course making it more pleasant to run across the floor of the swimming pool.

small__5930378017 Clothing

It sounds obvious, but make sure your swimwear is supportive, comfortable and practical for exercise. This will probably mean a ‘sensible’ one-piece suit – save the skimpy bikini for showing off the results of your hard work when you’re on the beach!

Waterproof MP3 Player

If you’re doing water aerobics as part of an organised class, there will probably be music playing anyway, but if you’re on your own you’ll find it much easier if you play some upbeat music to keep you going! Music will keep you moving at a steady pace and increase your motivation and enjoyment.

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Old Shoe Woman via photopin cc
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