Heating Your Pool With a Heat Pump

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Here in the UK, I think we can all agree we aren’t blessed with constant sunkissed shores and warm summer days. So how does that leave us when it comes to swimming pools? Well, sadly it means we need to heat our pool water to hit a comfortable swimming pool temperature.

A typical outdoor swimming pool for general swimming and family use should be at 28C. This is not too hot so that you don’t tire too quickly but not too cold that you catch a cold! It’s comfortable. With average UK summer temperatures around 25C we need to add a bit more power to our heating than just relying on the elements. This is where a pool heater comes in.

Heating your swimming pool may not be as expensive as many might think, and although you will have to speculate to accumulate as it were, the most cost effective option is an air source heat pump.

Air Source Heat Pumps can easily be installed into your existing pool filtration by a professional. The unit sits outside to capture the heat in the air and transfer it into your pool water. Don’t be deterred by previous experiences of noise from these units. Modern heat pumps are now whisper quiet and will not disturb your peace around the pool.

Heat pumps work in exactly the same way as an air conditioning system in a modern home or office environment except they work totally in reverse. Whereas an air con system blasts cold air into a space by removing the heat from the room via a heat exchanger, the warmth drawn is from the outside air and is used to heat the pool water by way of circulation and convection. Keeping the heat in the water once it has been ‘exchanged’ helps maintain low running costs, and of course whenever a pool is not in use a cover should be deployed to keep as much heat in the water as possible.

Heating swimming pool water by way of a natural gas or butane gas heater will also extend the season for many weeks, because after all, who wants a swimming pool and not be able to use it for as long as is reasonably practical.

Remember that heating swimming pool water is open to several options and the best, most efficient option available plus alternatives can be obtained from our expert team at XL Pools. Call today or send us an email, we’ll do all we can to help you enjoy your swimming pool and keep it safe, clean and efficient long into the future.

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