How Long Does It Take To Install An Outdoor Swimming Pool?

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An outdoor swimming pool can be relatively quick and simple to install when compared to an indoor pool. It’s still often a long and messy process, but the added complication of a building is taken out of the equation! The amount of time it will take to construct and install your outdoor pool will depend on a number of factors, including the size and type of pool you have chosen, the location and layout of the pool site and whether there is easy access for the construction team and all their equipment.

The first step in swimming pool construction is to clear the area and establish an access route from the road, at which point the excavation can begin. Whichever kind of swimming pool you go for, be it a concrete pool, a vinyl liner pool or a one piece fibreglass or ceramic shell, there will need to be a hole in the ground! Once the excavation has been completed, progress can be quite quickly made, particularly if the pool is a one piece shell. Once it has been lifted and lowered into position by a crane, or in some cases even a helicopter, you’ll begin to glimpse what the finished outcome will be like.

There’s still a lot of plumbing and electrical work to complete, which can be carried out either by your pool contractors or sub-contractors, following which work can begin on the finishing touches. Coping stones and pool surrounds will need to be laid, and you may which for the pool area and the access route to be landscaped following the build, as there will often be some unavoidable damage and disruption caused by the heavy machinery.

Every pool is different, however as a very general guide, you might expect the installation of the pool itself, after excavation, to take around 10 days to 2 weeks. Of course, this will vary enormously, especially if any unforeseen problems emerge. The construction process may also be weather-dependant, and extreme or adverse weather conditions can significantly hamper the progress.

The general building process of an outdoor swimming pool might be as follows:

  1. Site Clearing and Access (a few hours to 1 day)
    2. Excavations & Ground Works (1 day – 5 days depending on access)
    3. Pool Crane in hold and base (1 day)
    4. Plumbing from pool to plant room (1 – 3 days depending on distance to plant room and access)
    5. Backfill (1 -3 days depending on site access)
    6. Pool room plumbing (1-3 days)
    7. Pool wiring (1-2 days)
    8. Coping Stone Fitting (1-3 days)

When you first make arrangements with your pool contractor for the installation to take place, you should be made aware of a project manager on site, whose job is to make sure suitable progress is made and that the process runs smoothly. They will be able to advise you of approximate timescales and make you aware of any issues you should know about.

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