How to Make Your Pool Energy Efficient

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In these austere times everyone is trying to save money and make savings on their expenditure; if you own a pool you’ll know it can be an expensive hobby and yet there are ways to cut back on running costs and make energy saving cutbacks which don’t affect the enjoyment of the pool. If your pool is heated perhaps you should consider having energy saving heat pump installed, although there are many alternatives to reducing the running costs of a swimming pool.

Perhaps the most efficient method of heating a pool is a heat pump; these work pretty much like an air conditioning system except in reverse. The system works by absorbing heat from the air and transferring it to the water and are more efficient than butane or natural gas heaters. However, depending on how much money you want to save and of course how much money you have to spend (everyone is on a tight budget nowadays) it is probably a good bet to have a survey taken of the pool to get professional recommendations of where, how and when you can save money and what equipment you will need to best invest in.

There are many different types of heat pumps and energy saving methods associated with a swimming pool, and because every pool installation and layout is unique, no two methods and solutions are exactly alike. At XL Pools our team of engineers will be able to inspect, survey and make recommendations and if required we will undertake all essential work to make your pool more energy efficient and reduce your overall expenditure.

However, in addition to having efficient heating and other energy saving equipment, one of the best and most efficient methods of reducing energy costs and of reducing heat loss from the water is by way of energy efficient swimming pool covers. Manual covers and automatic covers should be measured and fitted to place over the water surface every time the pool is not in use. Keeping the heat in is a master step in reducing energy bills associated with keeping a pool heated and up to temperature.

There is an alternative to swimming pool covers in the form of a biodegradable solution which is added to the pool and forms a layer on the surface and helps prevent evaporation and reduces heat loss in much the same way as a pool cover.

So many solutions for so many budgets and different sized pools, the team at XL Pools can advise, supply and of course fit the equipment needed to keep your pool running at maximum efficiency. Give us a call today, we look forward to hearing from you.


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