How to Improve the Look of Your Pool Surround

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The winter is by far the best time to start some repairs and maintenance to your pool surround. If your patio is looking tired and growing weeds and moss in-between and on the slabs then you can really make a big difference with a little elbow grease! Taking pride in your pool surround not only keeps it from further damage, staining and costly repairs, it will totally transform the look of you pool area making it much more inviting for you and guests.

Pressure wash your pool surround

One thing that will drastically improve the look of any pool surround is to pressure wash your paving. Over time your pool surround will build up dirt, moss, and even algae / mould growth is unattended for a period.

Pressure washing a dirty surround can be a very satisfying job and will completely transform the look of your pool area. All you need is some time and a pressure washer and a hard bristle brush. You don’t specifically need any chemicals or special treatment but a barrel of Sodium Hypochlorite (Liquid Chlorine) can help for stubborn stains.

  1. Setup your pressure washer, switch it on and plug it in. Make sure you have enough slack to get round the whole surround.
  2. Firstly give you surround a quick once over with the pressure washer, rinsing off any leaves and loose debris. Work from the coping stone out towards the edge to make sure you don’t wash all the debris into the pool.
  3. Applying a little liquid chlorine at a time, brush in the chlorine paying attention to any heavily soiled areas and leave to sink in for 5 minutes.
  4. Pressure wash slowly and methodically again working from the coping stone out. Working with you nozzle close to the ground you will notice that it will almost be like spray painting your surround clean!
  5. Slowly continue your work bit by bit around the pool till complete and admire your work.

Seal your pool surround

To keep you surround staying in tip top condition and looking good as new all year you can seal it which will put a protective layer on top of the paving preventing any growth from staining the patio. This job is very simple and is fine for any DIYer.

You will need:

  • All purpose sealer and waterproofer
  • A stiff bristle brush
  • A pole mounted paint roller

Prepare you surround:

  1. Firstly you will need to remove all items around the pool. Furniture, pool toys, plants etc. all needs to be removed.
  2. Pressure wash the pool surround as per the instructions above ensuring the paving is 100% clean. You don’t want to seal in any stains.

Seal the paving

  1. Ensure the pool surround is completely dry. This is very important so make sure to keep an eye on the weather and pick a few dry days to do this job.
  2. Roll on the sealer to your patio in overlapping strokes. Work one section at a time and to a visible thickness. Try to work from the furthest corner to the other making sure to not block yourself in at the end!
  3. Once you have completed, apply a second coat. Most sealers are ready for a second coat as quickly as 10 minutes but always check the manufacturer’s instructions.
  4. Allow to dry for 24 hours


Taking a little time each year to clean and seal you pool surround will pay you dividends for future use and make your pool area so much more inviting to you and your guests. Keeping on top of this will also mean that your pool surround will look perfect year round and give your patio a longer life.


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