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What is the procedure of a pool install with XL Pools? What to expect:

Undergoing a home swimming pool installation is a very exciting process but the lead up can be confusing to those who don’t know what processes are involved during and after a build. Like any build the hustle and bustle of machinery, noise and people moving in and out is a given but we take great care to assess the access points, surveying the dig area and to make the whole process as efficient as possible.

In this blog are some simple stages and insights to how a build unfolds and links to pages that may help you in your decision in purchasing a swimming pool from XL Pools.

Where does it all start?

So you are keen to have a pool installed but not sure what pool would suit your requirements? If you are unsure what pool is best for you, we can help you with that decision, a pool is an investment as well as a hub for family entertainment so making the right choice will be considered from every angle.

See end of blog for details on Pool variations and installation methods.

Before the Build

Once the pool variety has been selected we will arrange a meet with you to discuss the details of the pool build and any extra requirements you may have such as pool extras and filtration systems.

The dig itself?

Once the pool model has been selected the team will survey the best area for the pool, once marked out the dig will begin, the hole will be then prepared for foundations.


Prior to the build we will seek the most accessible areas to move materials as easily as possible and with a less disruption as possible, our Compass range of fibreglass pools arrive as one-piece on a flatbed lorry then maneuvered to the installation site so access is key to this happening.

Tight Squeeze? Careful delivery of a Compass one-piece

During the build

The build process differs depending on what pool has been purchased. You can find out more about the varieties of installation methods via the link below:

Click Here

What happens after the build?

You can expect several things once a pool has been finally installed, there is some confusion regarding the surrounding areas of a pool build. It is important to note that we do not provide landscaping services around the pool, any disruption to the ground around the pool will be left tidy but may require work after the build is completed when it comes to paving or re-turfing for example.

The diagram below explains the defined areas of a swimming pool build process:

This image shows the finished pool and the areas that are left for patio or landscaping.

Making a decision on what pool to choose can be hard, below are some links to help make that decision:

Click Here for Compass one-piece pools

Click Here for Concrete pools

Click Here for Liner pools
If you would like to know more about Indoor Pools & Outdoor pools find out below: 

Click Here for Outdoor Pools

Click Here for Indoor Pools

XL Pools Swimming Pool Installation Introduction Video

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