Keeping Unwanted Animals Out of your Pool

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There is running joke in the XL Pools office about ducks swimming in the show pool, most likely sipping on a pina colada while lounging on a lilo! It isn’t ideal, and most pool owners one time or another maybe faced with a similar dilemma and would like to know how to remove unwanted animals from enjoying a lounge around in your pool.

Here are some tips to stop birds and other animals from entering your pool:

1/ Make Sure to Cover Your Pool Whenever You Are Not Using It.

Covers are not only there to keep the leaves and debris out from the pool but it also stops animals from swimming and mucking in your pool. If you have a solar cover, this is not a guarantee from animals falling in but it can be a good deterrent. If you live in a rural area and have problems with animals it is highly recommended to look at an all encompassing cover like a safety cover to totally stop this from happening.

2/ Use an Automatic Cleaner.

Wild animals are typically skittish and will scare easily. Using an automatic cleaner will deter a lot of animals as they will fear it is a predator. Simply pop your cleaner in the pool when it is open and set it to run. Instant animal deterrent and you get a clean pool at the same time!

3/ Leave Inflatable Toys.

This may seem like an invitation for animals to have a lounge in the pool but in truth inflatable toys such work as a deterrent as it will appear to animals that the pool is occupied and that they should stay away!

4/ Employ the Services of Your Dog.

Dogs are a great deterrent for all wild animals. Dogs don’t like sharing their space with other non-resident animals and will happily chase off any unwanted visitor that decides to have a dip! Just make sure your dog is trained not to have a splash themselves as pets should always be supervised when bathing.

By far the most effective solution offered here is to get a safety cover for your pool. There are many other benefits other than keeping animals out of your pool such as better water balance, reduced debris entering your pool, typically easier opening at the start of the season and of course, it’s an automatic cover making it easier to open and close! If you would like a quotation please get in touch with us and we will gladly help.

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