It’s Not Summer, Why Are You Saying Install A Pool Now?

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It’s the last day of November and the days are becoming noticeably shorter, colder and darker. Your mind is mentally checking off all those Christmas presents you have to buy this year, and just how much time there isn’t left to do so. In either case, hearing a swimming pool company tell you that right now is the time to be talking about installing that dream swimming pool; you might think they’re being ridiculous. In fact, they’re right; that is if you are looking for having it ready for summer next year.

Planning and Negotiations

As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and sadly, neither is a swimming pool. By starting the process in the winter off-season, you are giving yourself ample time to ensure you’re getting exactly what you are after. The swimming pools we offer are not your spur of the moment buy – we take pride in ensuring we are doing the best job for our customers, and our efforts are paying off if our award winning pools are anything to go buy.

As with any project, there is a potential for hiccups or delays along the way, though we try to minimise these as much as possible. Commonly, we find that a lot of the delays occurring in the planning stage; negotiating the pool specification to fit the budget and gaining planning permission, to name a couple. If you were to start planning in the late spring/early summer, these delays increase the chance of your pool not being complete in time to use it whilst you can; and we all know what British weather is like, we need to make the most of the summer weather when we get it!

Consider Your Neighbours

If you, like the majority of people, are not lucky enough to live in the middle of nowhere with no neighbours, then you might need to consider how construction works are going to go down with them. A pool installation requires a lot of heavy machinery, including diggers, skips, and even a crane for one-piece pools.

If you can imagine, the house next door to yourself, with all this heavy machinery, it’s potentially going to be a noisy work site to live next too. Add onto that, its summer and you just want to relax in your garden; it’s just not going to happen. Of course, that’s not to say if you discuss this with your neighbours beforehand, that they won’t understand and be accommodating, but carrying this out in the winter will reduce the chance of an unhappy neighbour.

Sit back, Relax and Enjoy

At the end of the project, all you want to do is admire your brand new sparkling swimming pool. It’s a horrible shame that, living in the UK, we get such little good weather to swim in each year, without the means of having an indoor pool or enclosure. When your pool is finished, the last thing you’ll want to do is have to wait several months to the next season to actually start swimming!

Get in touch with our office now and get started on planning and installing your dream pool ready for Summer!

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