Top Reasons to Renovate Your Pool

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Like most things, a swimming pool needs regular care and maintenance to keep it in good condition, and even then it won’t last forever. Investing in good quality equipment and employing a reputable company to build the pool for you may prolong its life, but at some point it will need to be renovated or even replaced completely. There are many reasons you might consider renovating your home swimming pool, whether that’s a simple face-lift to improve the appearance of the existing pool, or more radical changes.

Pool Is Damaged Or In Need Of Repair

If your existing pool is looking a little the worse for wear, you might consider renovating it at the same time as making the necessary repairs. You may have structural problems, broken pipes or damaged tiles, which require more than a simple clean up. If this is the case, how about changing all of your tiling to give the pool a new look? Depending on the current condition of your pool and the extent of the work which needs to be done in order to make it usable, you may find this a cost-effective time to make other changes to improve the appearance of the pool too.

Improve Pool Appearance Or Change Of Purpose

Have you acquired a swimming pool designed and built by the previous owners of your property? Perhaps the construction and design of the pool is fine, but just not to your taste. If you’re not a fan of mosaic tiling or you’d prefer a different style of coping stones or decking, a pool renovation is an opportunity for you to make those changes.

Maybe the pool purpose has changed… You might previously have used your swimming pool purely for fitness and training, but now you want to be able to enjoy relaxing in the water with your friends and family, or for your children to be safe swimming there. This is a good reason to consider having some elements of fun introduced to the pool area, for example a water feature, jets, cool lighting or a sun deck. Maybe you could even add a fire pit or barbecue area, seating and more, to make the pool area a fantastic place to spend time during the summer months. Safety also plays a part, and you might wish to redesign the steps for entering and exiting the water to make it easier and safer for young children, or have an automatic safety cover fitted, among other things.

Developments In Pool Technology

Do you like to make sure you always have top-of-the-range equipment? Pool technology has made some fantastic advances in recent years, and a swimming pool renovation is the best way to make sure you take full advantage of all these developments. From more effective pumps and filters to energy efficient heaters; from safety covers to fun elements like automatic lighting and swimming machines, there are some amazing products on the market designed to save money long-term, reduce your cleaning and maintenance requirements and maximise your enjoyment of your home swimming pool. Many of these features can be added to your existing pool with no major upheaval or construction work required.

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