Winter is the best time for a pool installation or renovation. Here’s Why…

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With the cold weather due to be setting in, it might seem an odd time to start thinking about having a swimming pool installed. Talk to any swimming pool installer, however, and you’ll hear that winter is the perfect time to start planning, and construct your pool. Logistically, there’s not really a right or wrong time, but you’ll find that by starting the process off during the off-peak season, there are plenty of benefits you might not have considered.

All In The Preparation

As with any building project, be it a swimming pool, an extension or a whole house, proper planning and preparation is absolutely essential. The more time you spend working out the details, from things like size, shape and location to the pump configuration and swimming pool surrounds, the more likely you’ll be able to stick to your planned budget and timescale. An experienced swimming pool designer will help you draw up the plans for your dream pool, and by doing this during the colder months you’re not in such a rush to ‘dive in’, so will be able to take your time to get it exactly right.

Ability To Negotiate

You may read all sorts of inspiring advice about being able to negotiate great discounts and knockdown prices by having your pool installed during the winter. This isn’t necessarily the case: pool contractors and builders need to make a profit whatever the time of year, and material costs and overheads don’t magically decrease in value during the off-season. You might be able to achieve a small reduction for fast payment or for paying in advance, but don’t expect this to be a vast sum. One of the key benefits of having your swimming pool installed in the winter is being able to have it done at your convenience: it’s true that building and contracting companies are less busy at this time of year, so you’re more likely to get the dates that suit you, and won’t have workers and noisy machinery destroying the peace in your garden when you want to be outside enjoying it.

Ready To Enjoy For Summer

Your new pool will be completed and ready for use well in time for the early summer, so you can get full use of it for the entire season. Having the pool built during the spring or summer months means that you won’t be able to swim, or even enjoy your garden properly when the construction work is going on. This is one of the most influential reasons for planning and installing a swimming pool during the winter. Working conditions for contractors will also be far more comfortable, so that any issues can be dealt with quickly and efficiently, leaving you free to relax by the pool once the weather’s warmer. Ward off the winter blues by planning and dreaming of an idyllic summer by your newly built home swimming pool!

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