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Building Regulations and Your Indoor Swimming Pool

Fibreglass Swimming Pool

If you’re considering having an indoor swimming pool constructed, you’ll need to bear in mind planning permission and building regulations, and ensure that your pool building complies with the guidelines. Failing to do this could mean that you may be liable to receive a hefty fine, and be ordered to alter or remove the construction. It pays to do your research beforehand, to make sure you’re sticking to the rules. Planning permission for an indoor pool is not normally required, providing the pool building meets the following criteria: Located behind the building line of the front elevation of your property. A single storey building with a maximum overall height of

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Outdoor Swimming Pool Building Regulations

Fibreglass Swimming Pool

Building regulations and planning permission will not normally apply to an outdoor swimming pool. All swimming pools, either indoor or outdoor, not attached to a house are considered to be outbuildings, and as long as they fit within certain criteria are exempt from needing planning permission. Building regulations do apply to indoor pools, however. This is great news for you if you’re planning an outdoor pool for your property, but before you get going on your project, take a moment to make sure your outdoor swimming pool really is an outdoor swimming pool! This may sound strange, but planning authorities issue strict guidelines on what defines an outdoor pool, and

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Annual Maintenance Costs For Your Pool

Outdoor Liner Swimming Pool

Annual Maintenance Costs For Your Pool Having a swimming pool installed on your property, either inside or outside, is a huge investment. Once you’ve paid all that money for your dream swimming experience in your own home, you’ll want to keep it running well and in good condition. Like most things, your pool needs regular care and maintenance to ensure that it lasts. You need to make regular checks to make sure the structure of the pool is safe, the water is clean and healthy, and that the air and water systems are working correctly and efficiently. Here we aim to give you a guide to what needs to be

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