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How to Give your Pool A Spring Clean

Have a think about the last time you gave your pool a through clean? When we say a thorough clean we mean scrubbing the tile band, cleaned your equipment and gave it some real attention. It may well be that your pool needs a good scrub now. Whilst a regular vac and brush once a week will do the trick to keep on-top of your regular maintenance, much like your home, your swimming pool needs attention now and then to keep it looking tip-top. With the right attitude (we all have to be in the mood to clean right?) and the right equipment you can have your pool right on

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Understanding Swimming Pool Circulation

What is a swimming pool? When you boil it all down, a swimming pool is just a giant structure that holds a large amount of water. That water requires cleaning to keep it sanitised and safe for you to swim in. To do so, the water requires the three C’s: Cleaning Chemicals Circulation In this article we will be looking at the last item on this list, Circulation. Circulation plays an essential part in the three C’s as it enables cleaning and helps mix chemicals in your pool water. Without circulation, the other two points will not be possible.   The Essentials of Pool Circulation In most in-ground pools, water

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A Comprehensive Guide to Swimming Pool Enclosures

Outdoor Swimming Pool with Enclosure

In the UK, sadly we aren’t blessed with perfect weather. Even in the height of Summer, bad weather can spoil your plans to take a dip. Unless you are fortunate enough to have an indoor swimming pool the other option you may have is a swimming pool enclosure. What is a Pool Enclosure? A pool enclosure is simply a structure that can be erected around your pool. Enclosures can come in many different shapes and sizes depending on your requirements. Some enclosures can simply just cover the pool from the elements and others can effectively become a pool hall with space for furniture and even partitions for showers and changing

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How to Accurately Test Your Pool Water

It’s important to learn how to test pool water and do it at least once a week to make sure the pH and alkalinity are balanced, and to keep your sanitizer level in check (i.e. chlorine at 3 ppm). What most pool owners don’t know, however, is there’s a right and wrong way to test your water, no matter what type of testing you’re doing. It all starts with the water sample. The Water Sample There are 3 ways to test pool water: Liquid test kit Test strips Taking your sample to a pool company to have it professionally checked. To take a proper water sample, use a clean cup

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Why Do Blondes Get Green Hair in Swimming Pools?

Blondes have more fun, according to Rod Stewart. However, when they exit a swimming pool, blondes have more trouble too: green hair! I’m sure you’ve heard it before – swimming pools can turn blonde hair green. Most people are under the false impression that chlorine is to blame. The truth is, chlorine is not the main enemy here.   What Turns Blonde Hair Green in A Swimming Pool?   The answer is: copper! Copper is a metal that is found in some swimming pools, particularly ones that are filled using well water. Copper can also enter the pool water from certain copper-based algaecides. So how does copper in pool water

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Heating Your Pool With a Heat Pump

Swimming Pool with View

Here in the UK, I think we can all agree we aren’t blessed with constant sunkissed shores and warm summer days. So how does that leave us when it comes to swimming pools? Well, sadly it means we need to heat our pool water to hit a comfortable swimming pool temperature. A typical outdoor swimming pool for general swimming and family use should be at 28C. This is not too hot so that you don’t tire too quickly but not too cold that you catch a cold! It’s comfortable. With average UK summer temperatures around 25C we need to add a bit more power to our heating than just relying

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Dealing with Wrinkles in a Pool Liner

There is nothing the rejuvenates the look of your swimming pool than a new pool liner. However, your liner may become tired over time and sometimes your liners can become wrinkled or creased. If that happens, what are you to do? Dealing with pool liner wrinkles is just part of owning a pool with a liner, so you need to be prepared to deal with them when they happen. There are many ways you can remove wrinkles from a pool liner that are relatively easy for you to do yourself, although it will take a little bit of work. Tips to Remove Liner Wrinkles Once you have noticed creases in

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What is The Difference Between Powder and Liquid Chlorine?

Many new and veteran pool owners alike ask what the difference is between liquid chlorine and powder chlorine? They are not sure which is best to use and what is going to be more effective at keeping the pool clean and sanitized. There will also be a surprising amount of conflicting information on the internet depending on where you look. The truth is, there are pros and cons to using either liquid or powder chlorine. What really should be the determining factor is what is going to be best for your pool, your budget and your equipment.   Chlorine : The Basics Chlorine is the chemical that most pool owners

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6 DIY Swimming Pool Hacks

Outdoor On-Site Lined Swimming Pool

In the age of Pinterest and do it yourself home projects we have seen a rise in some of your very own DIY pool hacks ranging from ingenious to near essential, showing that pool owners are a very resourceful bunch! We’ve put together this list of pool hacks that you too, can try for yourself to keep your pool clean and enjoy your pool season more. 1/ Use your pool Vacuum as an additional or replacement main drain. Most inground pools will have a bottom drain. This drain will pull water from the bottom of the water column and increase the overall turnover of the pool water. Other benefits of

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How to Backwash a Sand Filter

In a sand filter, water flows into a multiport valve, down through a thick bed of filter sand, back up the multiport valve, then back to your pool via the return jets. They require little maintenance besides replacing the sand about every 5 years and a backwash every week. Even though it might not be the most effective form of filtration you can get, it’s certainly the easiest to take care of, so this type is the most common filter type in the UK. Backwashing your sand filter is a very simple process which pushes all the debris and bacteria that it catches, out the waste line by using pool

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