Customise Your One Piece Swimming Pool

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One piece swimming pools are constructed using a mold, so they are typically available in a range of predetermined sizes and shapes. This doesn’t mean that all one piece pools are the same though – far from it – there is a huge amount of customisation possible meaning your pool can be a truly unique design.

The shapes available for one piece pools vary considerably, from uniform straight edges to contemporary curves. Pools can be constant in depth, or have a deep and a shallow end, depending on your need. You can also design your one piece pool to have integrated steps rather than a ladder, for ease of entry and exit and an attractive feature. How about adding a seating ledge, so you can sit and catch your breath or observe other swimmers without needing to exit the water?

Customisation and personalisation of your pool isn’t limited to its size and shape. One piece pools are available in a number of different styles and finishes, so you can choose whether you go for brilliant white with sparkles, stunning bright blue, or classy and understated black, with many other colours and finishes in between. Make your pool blend into the background, integrate with its environment or become a feature in your own back garden.

Once you’ve made the big decisions about how the pool shell will be constructed, its time to get onto the fun bit! The fine details like colours, lighting and other integrated features will make the difference between a pool you like, and your dream swimming pool. One piece pools can come ready built will LED lighting already preinstalled, so you can even change the appearance of your swimming pool day to day by adjusting the lighting colours, angles and strength to match the time of day, the weather or your mood!

Make your swimming pool really stand out from the crowd by adding a talking point. From fabulous water features to functional swim jets and more, there are many, many, optional extras you could consider to transform your pool into something really special. Do you want to be the envy of your neighbours? A fountain or waterfall will make sure your spectacular pool really gets their attention. Maybe you plan to use your swimming pool mainly for fitness or training? Try a flow generator or swim machine to maximise your swimming potential. Perhaps your pool is primarily for relaxation and fun with the family? Features like a water curtain, colour changing LED lights and more will make it a place where everyone wants to spend time.

By choosing a one piece swimming pool, you’re really only limited by your imagination: you can create the pool of your dreams in your own home, by getting creative with the fantastic customisation options available.

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