MagnaPools – Non-Chlorinated, Non-Saltwater Pools!

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If you like the idea of swimming in a non-chlorinated pool, but you’re not keen on traditional saltwater swimming, a MagnaPool is the perfect solution for you. The MagnaPool system provides an environmentally friendly and healthy way to enjoy swimming in your home pool. The water in a MagnaPool is a special therapeutic blend of natural ocean minerals, specifically magnesium and potassium chloride. These minerals are absorbed through the skin, and are said to provide multiple benefits including the reduction of stress, anxiety, aches and pains. To add to MagnaPool’s environmental credentials, the special filtration system saves on your backwash water consumption, and when diluted this water can also be used in your garden on your lawn and shrubs to naturally nourish plants and grass.

Converting An Existing Pool

Is your pool in need of renovation, or do you just like the idea of swimming in clear, sparkling, natural water? It is possible to convert your existing swimming pool to use the MagnaPool system without too much trouble. You will need to invest in the Hydroxinator, Zodiac Crystal Glass Media and the special MagnaPool Minerals. You don’t necessarily need to change your pool pump or filter, as long as you already have a media filter fitted, rather than a cartridge filter. You’ll need to do a full water analyisis to determine the quantity of the minerals you need to add, and following this the conversion procedure is quite straightforward.

New Pools

Making your new pool a MagnaPool is a great investment, and doesn’t require any more equipment than a traditional saltwater pool would use. You will need to discuss your options with your pool builder so that they are aware of your plans and can make the necessary equipment recommendations for using the MagnaPool system.

Maintaining A MagnaPool

MagnaPools need to be cleaned regularly and maintained just like any other swimming pool. However, a benefit of the MagnaPool system is that it is designed to keep the water levels balanced, so although you will need to test the water pH and other levels on a regular basis, they shouldn’t need to be adjusted as often when compared with a chlorinated swimming pool. The Hydroxinator is designed to deliver perfect water sanitation, using the process of electrolysis to keep ongoing cleaning and maintenance to a minimum.

Speak to us using the contact form below if you’re considering either converting your existing pool or having a new swimming pool built to use the MagnaPool system. The benefits of swimming in this unique water are well-documented, and the silky smooth water will feel delightful against your skin.

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