The Future of Pool Cleaning

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The future is now! Autonomous pool cleaners are not new to the market. In fact, some have been around for almost 30 years! Pool cleaning can, for many be a laborious task and almost anyone would like to leave it to someone (or something) else! There have been many forms of automatic cleaner in the past. Most of the older generation pool cleaners have been powered by the filter pump, attaching a long hose to the vacuum point and they move around the pool by use of a diaphragm. Later models like the Polaris came around which use a separate line connected to their own pump, this time pumping water to the robot to power it and collecting the debris in a bag on the model.

Nowadays, technology (and prices) have come down significantly and robotic cleaners, powered by electricity have come around and are by far, the best solution for all pool owners. These robotic cleaners are a far call from the early day first models and now offer a level if convenience and ease never seen before.

Zodiac Vortex 5400

Current models like the Zodiac RV-5400 are compact and intelligent machines taking the pain out of cleaning your pool. Especially for those days when you have a pool party coming, your task list can be endless: setting up the BBQ, Going to the shops, preparing the food. A robotic cleaner will take one job off your to-do list, leaving your pool spotless.

On some models (like the one mentioned earlier) you can set a timer up so that you can leave the cleaner in the pool and programme it to clean the pool at a specified time. Owners find this particularly good if they enjoy a quick swim before work in the morning. The robot can be setup to clean the pool at 3am and have the pool clean and ready by 6am.

Another bonus owners find is that there are no additional costs to owning a automatic cleaner when choosing robotics. With some older cleaners mentioned earlier, you need an additional pump or even a more powerful pump to power them, not least the problem you have when debris is sucked and pulled into the filter pump. With robotic cleaners, all debris is caught in the on-board collection basket and runs completely free from the filtration system making them completely self-sufficient.

Check out the range of Robotic cleaners we offer here.

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