One Piece Pools Versus Bespoke – Which Is Best For Me?

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Once you’ve made the decision to invest in a swimming pool for your property, you’ll be faced with a multitude of choices to make about the size, structure and appearance of your pool. Although there’s a huge amount of information out there, it can be a virtual minefield trying to navigate your way through and clarify exactly what you need to know. Here, we help you by summarising the key points to consider when you’re making one of the most fundamental first decisions, your swimming pool construction type.

In the past, swimming pools were something only the super-rich could consider. Their concrete construction was expensive and time consuming to build. This is no longer the case through, and with developments in pool technology one-piece fibreglass and vinyl pool structures have taken the lead in popularity, opening up the world of home swimming pools to countless more households. But which type of pool is best for you?

Concrete Pools – The Pros and Cons

Benefits of Concrete Swimming Pools

  • Size: There are literally no limits to the size of pool you can create. Concrete offers the most flexibilty in terms of size and shape, so if you have an irregular space to use, or you want a particularly long or deep pool, you can have it custom built.
  • Uniqueness: You can almost guarantee that nobody will have the same pool as you. Get create with the shape, and build in bespoke features like integrated steps or a ledge to lounge on.

Disadvantages of Concrete

  • Cost: As they’re a bespoke construction, concrete pools tend to cost a lot to build and install. They will also need to be renovated every ten years or so, involving resurfacing and retiling, so the lifetime cost of the pool is high.
  • Maintenance: Their porous surface means concrete pools require more time, effort and chemicals to keep them clean and free from algae and bacteria.
  • Install time: from start to finish it can take 3-5 months to install a concrete swimming pool.

One Piece Pools – The Pros and Cons

Benefits of One Piece Swimming Pools

  • Ongoing Cost: Ongoing swimming pool maintenance is usually limited to cleaning and chemicals. The strength and quality of a one-piece pool makes it durable and resistant to deterioration and changes in temperature.
  • Appearance: One piece fibreglass pools are smooth to touch and attractively finished. You can customise your pool with a range of colours and finishes to make it look unique.
  • Install time: As the shell construction is done offsite, you could have your finished pool within as little as three weeks from beginning construction.

Disadvantages of One-Piece

  • Limitations: Your pool size and shape is restricted to the range offered by the manufacturer. The pool shell is transported by road, so this may also place limitations on size depending on access to your property.
  • Higher initial cost: A good quality one piece pool is a luxury option, so the initial cost can be high.

So Which Is Best For Me?

Your property and your individual circumstances will ultimately define which swimming pool material and construction is most suitable. Generally, you’ll only really need to consider a concrete pool these days if you have a very specific or unusual requirement for it to be a particular shape or size. Although one piece pools are limited to predefined shapes due to their manufacturing process, there is a lot of variety available so you’re more than likely to find something to suit. Developments in technology mean that even factors which may previously have been a drawback, such as lack of space for serious swimming training, are no longer an issue thanks to current simulators and endless swimming machines. Despite a higher initial outlay, one piece pools require less maintenance so the overall cost over the lifetime of the pool will be far lower than for a concrete bespoke built pool.

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