Swimming Pool Maintenance: Automatic Cleaners

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Whatever type of home swimming pool you have, indoor or outdoor, large or small, it will need to be cleaned regularly in addition to other essential maintenance, in order to keep it hygienic and functioning well. This is a job you could do yourself,  or you might decide to engage the services of a swimming pool maintenance company to do it for you.

Either way, it can be a tough physical task: the surface of the water must be skimmed, filters emptied, the water line scrubbed, and the walls and floor of the pool brushed and hoovered. You’ll probably need to brush and vacuum the pool weekly, particularly in outdoor pools, to minimise algae and calcium buildup and remove any other debris.

If you don’t fancy doing this tedious work yourself every week, and paying someone to do it for you grates, there is a third option which will appeal to pool owners who want a sparkling clean pool to enjoy, but don’t want to devote hours to cleaning. Automatic pool cleaners are a popular choice these days, and the range and variety of models on the market means there’s something to suit every pocket, and live up to the most scrupulous of cleaning standards. From a couple of hundred pounds up to several thousand, you could have a automatic cleaner to take the hard work out of keeping your pool gleaming.

The most luxurious of modern automatic pool cleaners are essentially high-tech robots, which automatically navigate around the floor and walls of your swimming pool, ensuring a perfect finish, so you can spend more time enjoying your pool and less time cleaning it. Many robot cleaners have navigation technology to enable them to learn the size and shape of your pool. They also operate independently of the main filtration system, so that you don’t have to worry about extra pipes and hoses – simply place it in the pool and let it go! Set up a regular cleaning schedule or turn it on manually when you need it. Robot cleaners are increasingly becoming the most popular choice for discerning pool owners.

Other types of automatic pool cleaners include suction side cleaners, one of the most widely used types of cleaner. These utilise the pool’s filtration system to move around, vacuuming dirt and debris as they go. The dirt travels through a hose and is deposited in the pool’s strainer basket or filter ready to be emptied. Another choice, used primarily in older-style pools, is the pressure side cleaner. It’s a great choice for a pool which experiences a lot of debris, as it is collected in a bag attached to the cleaner, preventing it entering the swimming pool filtration system.

Ultimately, if you use your pool frequently during the swimming season and want it to remain pleasant to swim in and in good condition, regular cleaning is a must. An automatic cleaner is a sound decision to minimise the manual work involved, and to ensure a high standard of cleaning every time. With prices for modern robotic cleaners at very competitive levels, is this something you can afford to do without?!

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