Top 5 Reasons to Purchase a Fibreglass Pool

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When someone is considering installing a swimming pool, there are many factors that will dictate whether they choose fibreglass, concrete, or vinyl liner. Although each type of pool has its own pros and cons, in this article we would like to focus on the benefits of choosing a fibreglass pool for your home…


Fibreglass Pools are Easy to Install

During the installation process, both concrete and vinyl liner pools can be affected by changes in temperature, rain and other weather elements, but with fibreglass, the installation is rarely affected by these unpredictable factors due to the fibreglass shell being constructed off site.

Compass One-Piece Fibreglass Swimming Pool

Fibreglass Pools are Low Maintenance

It has become an accepted fact in the swimming pool industry that fibreglass pools are easier to maintain, especially when compared to a concrete swimming pool. One of the great things about fibreglass pools is the finish, a smooth and shiny surface that makes for easy cleaning and minimal maintenance. Algae (which any pool owner knows can be a menace if not treated regularly with chemicals) is less likely to be able to stick to the smooth gel coat surface, which makes it less of a nuisance. In addition, gel coating is skin-friendly, if you rub against it while you’re swimming or exercising, you will glide smoothly over its surface, and for places where you need to grip, like stairs and walkways, there is a non-skid application. Fibreglass is very hardy in the face of UK weather conditions, so it will stand the test of time, very much like the hull of a boat.


Fibreglass Pools are Environmentally Friendly

Fiberglass pools are very thermally efficient, which means your pool will hold a steady temperature and will cost you less to heat. You’ll also buy fewer chemicals than a traditional pool requires, which is good for your pocket and the environment.


Fibreglass Pools have a long Lifespan

Fiberglass lasts – that is a fact that shouldn’t be missed. Unlike liner pools that will gradually deteriorate over time, this isn’t the case with fibreglass pools.


Fibreglass Pools are Flexible

If you have limited access to get the pool into your preferred space, this is not a problem, pools made out of fibreglass can be delivered and then crained to the site.


And finally, fibreglass pools are very quick install, you’ll be swimming, exercising, and relaxing in your own within days, contact us to find out more.

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