How is a Fibreglass Pool Installed?

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Have you ever wondered how a fibreglass pool is installed? Well, firstly we have to have the pool sent to your property. As well as the pool, the filtration equipment required is delivered, then it’s time for our expert installers to do what they do best…

Swimming pool Construction Marking Out the Pool:

Measurements are given as to how the hole for the pool should be created to fit that specific model and we will already have discussed placement of the pool and any landscaping wishes beforehand. This then allows us to mark out the area required for excavation.


Excavation: Swimming pool Construction

We will check the levels of the hole as it is being dug, ensuring the correct depth and tilt is in place for the pool to sit accurately.


Setting the Floor:

After excavation is completed, a bed of sand and cement (called a screed mix) is laid on the floor to give a base for the pool. Screed bars are set up as guides for the slope to make the screeding process simple.


Swimming Pool Construction Pool Placement:

The pool is lifted in to place by a crane or excavator. To ensure that access is feasible, we will always visit the site before installation to evaluate an access plan or path. Once the pool has been lowered into the hole, all of the levels are checked to make sure the pool is perfectly level and ready to be backfilled.



Backfill for a composite fibreglass pool is typically aggregate and sand mixed with cement for stability. The pool will be simultaneously filled with water while it is backfilled to provide equal pressure and stability.



The pump, filter and sanitation system will be set, and piping will be returned to the pool shell with two return jets.


There you have it – easy peasy (when you are experts like us here at XL Pools). To see all of these steps in action take a look at our video>>



If you are dreaming of having your own pool? Then XL Pools can make it a reality. We are award winning pool contractors, who can see through the whole process from inception to completion, bringing your dreams to life.

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