Three Simple Ways To Reduce The Work Of Cleaning Your Swimming Pool

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If you use your pool regularly and want to ensure your swimming pool water is clean, hygenic and enjoyable to swim in, you’ll need to follow a regular cleaning and maintenance routine. There’ s lots of information online about how and when to carry out various tasks, all of which need to be done regularly, whether you have an indoor or an outdoor swimming pool. If your budget allows for it, and you like the idea of reducing some of the manual work involved in cleaning your pool, you could invest in an automatic swimming pool cleaner, which will do some of the hard work for you.

Whether you go for a robotic cleaner, employ a pool maintenance company to do your cleaning, or do it all yourself, skimming and vacuuming are necessary tasks to ensure your water is safe to use. There are, however, some simple changes you can make to the way you use your pool, which will help make your cleaning less laborious.

Regular Skimming

Standard advice is that you should skim the water surface every few days to remove floating dirt and debris. Once any debris has been in the water a while it will sink and become more troublesome to get out, so make skimming a priority, as often as you can, and ideally daily for an outdoor pool.

Cover Up

If you have an outdoor swimming pool, it will obviously be more prone to leaves and other contaminants entering the water. Consider making it your usual practice to cover the pool whenever it’s not in use. It may take a few extra minutes of your time (less if you have an automatic cover which operates at the touch of a button) but just think of the work it will save you in cleaning moss, dirt and other debris from your water.

Take A Shower

Public swimming pools often make it policy to ask swimmers to shower before entering the pool, or at least to walk through a shallow footbath. Did you know that the characteristic smell that many people associate with chlorine is actually the odour produced when chlorine reacts with impurities in the water such as sweat, soap, perfume, shampoo, conditioner, aftershave, deodorant, urine or faeces. You wouldn’t consider reusing somebody else’s bathwater would you? Help contribute to a cleaner pool for all who swim in it, and remove as many contaminants as possible before you enter the water.


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